BofA is Buying Countrywide

Some are calling Bank of America's purchase of Countrywide a "non-government bailout". In any other market, this deal would probably be halted in the halls of Congress, in the name of "anti-trust." Either way, Bank of America is now the nations … [Continue reading]

CountrywideCountrywide Financial CorpCFC takeover, if it were to happen, would be “brilliant,” Cramer said. It would take Countrywide off the government’s hands and it’s a windfall for BoA (the stock was up on the news of the talks). A deal like this … [Continue reading]

$420 Million Dollars… Million!!!; There Must Be A Better Way…

The Job Pays $400,000. Look at all of this money...Republican Candidates Raised: On HandRomney $62,829,069 $9,216,517Giuliani $47,253,521 $16,649,826McCain $32,124,785 $3,488,628Thompson $12,828,111 $7,121,744Paul $8,268,453 $5,443,667Brownback … [Continue reading]

1820 W. Buchanan is Leaving The Market…

This is an artist's rendering (paint job via photoshop) of the home...After having enjoyed the label "Pending Contract" three times, the Franklin Jones sign is coming down and this house is leaving the market.Over two years ago, this house received … [Continue reading]

N. Tombee Home Coming To Market…

This home is not on MLS yet.... This home on N. Tombee will be coming to market on Friday afternoon. At the moment, the list price looks to be $698,000. I haven't been inside yet, but I think its very nice. At almost 4000 sq.ft., this home sports 4 … [Continue reading]

From Season To Session… Welcome Back!

Out with the Cocks and Tigers. Here come the mules and the only mammals on earth that can't jump....We had a great time watching football season this year, and a big time following our Gamecocks (uh, sort of). Now it's time for the "State House … [Continue reading]

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Updated Shandon Homes Can Move…

Thanks To This Closing, We Are Among The Top 10 (Closed Sales), In-Town Realtors for 2007. I Am Humbled and Grateful. I Owe Everything To The Best Real Estate Network In Columbia.....Bar None.We "closed out" '07 with a bang, when this awesome home on … [Continue reading]

The Corn Caucus Has Spoken…

"HOLY" HUCK!!! It looks like Chuck Norris can kick butt, after all. I hear Huck may bring Ric Flair out when the campaign hits South Carolina. I guess they think Flair's "Figure 4 leglock" is a little more effective in the south, than a Hollywood … [Continue reading]

Great Friends + Cool Place = Good Times….

No matter where you are, bringing in the New Year is always great, as long as you are with family and/or friends. We ended '07 and rang in '08 with traditional vittles, big time college football and an overall grand time.As expected, we arrived in … [Continue reading]