Obama Turns NASCAR Sideways

Obama Orders Chevy and Dodge Out of NASCAR
“Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday” may be slogan of the past.

If you know me, you know I’m a GM guy. I’m a GM guy because I am loyal and support my late wife’s father who owns Longstreet Motors in Kingstree, which sells most of the GM brands. I even worked at Santee Motors in Manning, SC for a while. I’ve enjoyed every car and truck that I’ve bought from Mr. Black.

Having said this, I’ve long questioned the national ads of some of the failing brands. Every time a troubled car company rewards a “Player of the Game” with a scholarship of $5,000 I wonder how many more of these the company can give out.

I didn’t even think of NASCAR being a net loser. Geeez.!

Car and Driver Magazine is reporting that President Obama is ordering GM (Chevy) and Chrysler (Dodge) to get out of the NASCAR business by the end of the year. This is going cause ENORMOUS uproar from politcos and racing fans everywhere.

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