Tim Tebow’s Speech Now UF Lore

Spontaneous Speech After Loss Goes Legend
Most of the SEC despises Tebow but would love to have him quarterbacking their team. Folks all over the south make fun of his jorts but think his girlfriend is gorgeous. Loathe him or love him, his career isn’t even over yet and his legend is parallel to Rockne and Herschel.

The guy can obviously motivate and move his offense. Now Coach Meyer wants Tebow’s words to motivate every UF offense that walks through the football gates.

Most people know the players at Notre Dame slap the locker room banner that reads “Play Like A Champion Today” and are familiar with “Frank Howard’s Rock.” Meyer’s new plaque of Tebow’s “Promise” is supposed to have the same effect.

I wonder if Tebow would have played for USC if we promised a “Jorts Day” at Williams-Brice.

From ESPN.com – Meyer had Tebow’s speech engraved on a plaque and placed outside the front entrance to the new football facility at Florida Field. Although it might seem like a strange move since Tebow still has one year remaining with the Gators, Meyer said he didn’t want to wait.

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