Keller Williams Palmetto Has Arrived, BIG TIME!!!

As many of you know we’ve been in Dallas, Texas for almost a week and I have a lot to unpack from such an awesome experience, and I’m not talking about my messy a** suitcase.

The first item I’m going to address is how proud I am of our Market Center. (Within our franchise, we refer to a KW independent real estate brokerage as a “Market Center.”)

Saturday night was a proud moment for me and a lot of others. Around 7:00 PM, 1,000 or so REALTORS from North and South Carolina gathered at The Hyatt Regency in Dallas to celebrate 2019. Collectively we broke all kinds of sales records. This (Carolina’s) Region is super strong and the enthusiasm and numbers show it.

What I’m really getting at is how proud I am regarding the pics above. If you know me, you’re aware that my real estate journey has been wonderful. My wife, Jennifer Sparks Jones, encouraged me to get into this industry when I had less than $200.00 in the bank (she paid my electric bill at 1919 Atascadero Dr. the month I was in real estate school, mind you).

Fast forward through endless stories of wonderfulness as well as hard life lessons learned, the top brass of the Carolina’s Region of the #1 real estate company on earth announced that we achieved the #2 status for Launching Market Centers in the Region! Even more exciting, in my mind, was that we were the #5 performing new Market Center within the Keller Williams Realty International system (KWRI). We are talking….on EARTH!!!

Our friends in The Outer Banks, NC (KW OBX) barely beat us out for the top spot in the Carolina’s Region, respectively. I’m not sure when their official start date was, but ours was April 1, 2019. Even so, I’m OK being just behind a cool beach town as the OBX price point is triple and quadruple Columbia’s.

When I took this leap of faith to be part of the Keller Williams family, I was told, “It doesn’t work like that,” and, “Franklin, you’re not going to be able to do that here.” 80 REALTORS on the KW Palmetto roster later and WE…. ARE…. DOING…. THIS!!

Congratulations and THANK YOU to everyone who is a part of this and helped get us here. Now the honeymoon is over as having the label of, “Launching MC,” it’s now time to compete and grow to what we can really become.

I can’t express through this keyboard how proud I am to fly the Keller Williams banner.

Join us!

Thank you!

Franklin Jones – Keller Williams Palmetto

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