NCAA Tourney Makes March Fun

Tourney Brackets Are For Everyone
America is in love with the March Madness. Some people love it because it gives a platform for “David” to take on the Goliath’s of the basketball world. Other folks glue themselves to the TV because it creates incredible pressure for the big time match ups (this is probably my favorite facet of the tourney). Having said this, I happen to think it’s SO popular because almost every man, woman and child can be a part of the action via “the brackets.”
Even the person who didn’t witness one dunk all year still gets the chance to compete. It’s fun to watch someone who knows zero about sports go crazy when one of their teams win.

College football is a little bit like politics. “Bowl season” is fun, but it’s two months of arguing amongst one another. “The Tourney” is different. The brackets force folks to pick their teams on the front end and that’s that. Once it’s on paper (or logged in) you pull like heck for your teams.

I haven’t filled out my brackets yet but I’m leaning towards (and pulling for) UNC to win it all. I hope I finish ahead of Jenna! 🙂

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