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Franklin Jones

Daylight For America!

In the pursuit of a more perfect, safer, and productive union:

Looking back @ the image above it looks like I posted about the issue of Daylight Savings Time almost 10 years ago.

Apparently, this is currently an issue in the halls of the U.S. Congress and the capitol building in Columbia, SC….and yay for it!

I typed then, and contend today, that daylight savings time is a positive for most people, and the greater good.

Think of it. Who wants to show a house in the dark at 5:30 PM? Even if it’s no problem for the REALTOR, the buyer is certain to have to go back again to see the property in the light of day.

Further, who wants to get a haircut in the dark? Who wants to pay their insurance in the dark (mind you, not everyone pays online).

Further still, golf courses and zillions of other businesses get an extra hour of commerce.

Here’s a quiz: How many people are playing tennis at 6:30-8:30 AM vs 5:30-7:30 – weekdays or weekends.

Even further, think of public safety (including driving)…

I’m not selling you, I’m just telling you that having the sun up later in the day is good for America.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

Thank You, Jenkins Mann!

Some of you know that the game of tennis is my exercise of choice. It’s fun, it’s high energy, it’s ballistic, it’s strategic, and all of that. Forty’ish times around the sun have proven that I’m not a runner nor a gym person. Tennis, however, is my jam.

That said, it has major negs:

1- Can’t play if it’s raining.

2- It takes at least two to hit. If you invite folks to play and they wait hours to respond, you could be stuck without an opponent and then the sun goes down and your kids need bath time (or whatever life has), and the opportunity and day is gone.

At Keller Williams, we have a premise that focusing incredibly small can lead to awesomely large results (The ONE Thing). This does not only apply our businesses and careers but to our personal and spiritual lives, as well. That said, as I was in a class of The ONE Thing in Austin, I thought, “I bet my life would change is a huge way if I lost some weight.”

Here’s the big question to unlimited results: “What’s the ONE Thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

I began to brain dump with the class: Read books/blogs, watch YouTube, hit balls with anyone I could find, hire a coach, get a tennis ball launching machine…

Narrowing down, what’s The ONE Thing? ONE! Hire a coach seemed to be the answer.

I’ve done that, and it’s working, but that’s money.

Enter my buddy, Jenkins Mann.

To preface, Jenkins is my tennis dude. He beat my ass badly when I was in USTA League play and I wanted to learn from him. Is he the best in the world? No. Maybe? Has he improved exponentially over the years by focusing hard on this craft? Has it made a big difference in his game? Damn right. That’s my guy.

All this to say, I found out that Jenkins had an extra ball machine laying around that he donated to my cause of getting better and shedding some lbs. All I needed to do was find a worthy battery or anything that would make it shoot balls at me.

This ball machine may have become my ONE Thing. If you don’t get anything other than this from this post, get this: I don’t deserve the right to move on to anything else until I master my new forehand to baseline corners against this machine.

Jenkins, you may have changed my world and jumpstarted a habit that will lead to good stuff for my life and family.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

Downtown HotSheet Here!

This edition of The HotSheet includes the most recent homes to hit Downtown Columbia, SC’s real estate market in the last two weeks. As of 12:08 AM, the fastest site in the industry is featuring 58 new listings for sale.

The areas include the zips 29201, 29204, 29205, 29206, and 29209, with a price range of $100,000 to $Zillion. Remember!!… No big deal if you don’t want to ‘register’ to look deeper at a particular property. Simply type in my initials or the word “Blog” (or whatever you can think of “Cocks,” “Tigers”), and shoot in a random email address in the field. Even if you don’t want to register or ‘poser register,’ you can still get a good glimpse of what’s new to the market by simply scrolling around the Gallery Page.

If you or anyone you know would like more information about any of these Downtown Columbia properties for sale, or if you’re interested in putting your home on the market, please call 803-447-8683 or email .

Happy clicking and Thank you!!

Franklin Jones

Grand Home Hits Market @ King’s Grant!

Blog readers and clients please check out this Downtown Columbia statement home in one of the Midland’s most popular neighborhoods.

467 North King’s Grant Drive is large and in charge, and an opportunity to have just about anything and everything anyone could want.

“King’s Grant Dr.” is 4,667 square feet, and the clever floor plan provides for a four, five, or six-bedroom home, depending on your personal needs. Further, the living spaces, “flow,” front patio and back porch provides a perfect venue for entertaining a small group such as supper club or having buddies over to watch football or hosting a sizeable fundraising event.

Here’s the write-up: “Live beautifully in this all brick, custom-built home in one of Columbia’s most popular neighborhoods. This home is replete with wonderful features such as antique heart-pine flooring, 10 ft ceilings, 9 ft doors, gorgeous moldings, coffered ceilings in the great room, designer colors throughout, wrought iron spindles, a true office, large laundry room, two powder rooms, 3-car garage, plenty of driveway space for parking, lush landscaping, a covered back patio with awesome fireplace to watch movies and football, and a front porch for waving at friends. The eat-in chef’s kitchen has top-shelf appliances, granite slab, prep sink, large pantry, and peninsula bar. The large master suite has access to the covered patio and the bath is complete with double vanity, dual closets, stand-up river rock shower, and jacuzzi tub. King’s Grant has a 24-hr security gate, three fishing ponds, walking trails, five lighted tennis courts (youth tennis program available), two playgrounds, a small soccer/lacrosse field, pool (youth swim team), and a clubhouse available for rent for your fun events. Zoned for award-winning Brennen, Crayton, and A.C. Flora schools, only minutes to anything Downtown Columbia/Forest Acres, and conveniently close to I-77. Come see this immaculate home and fall in love with this home and neighborhood!”

If you or anyone you know would like to know more about this home or neighborhood, please call/text 803-447-8683 or email I’m happy to share what I know and the home is obviously a pleasure to show.

Thank you and come see this sharp King’s Grant stunner!

Franklin Jones

40 Yards of No Whistle..?

Saturday afternoon my family and I were at a condo in the shadows of a rain-soaked Williams-Brice Stadium. It was a “Fair-Game” and a good time was being had by all, as we were watching a competitive contest between the Gamecocks and The Gators of The University of Florida. College football is awesome, and all of that…

That said, something happened that should not have happened, and then should not have been allowed to happen, but happened.

I’m not saying it’s on the same magnitude of the New Orlean’s Saints “no call” to go to the SuperBowl, but what happened the other night in Columbia, SC may have been more obvious than the most obvious of them all.

To Florida fans and SEC fans and fans all over the country, I’m not bitching. I’m not saying the Gamecocks would have won, and I’m not trying to change the score or stats. Moreover, apparently there was a facemask that wasn’t called on a Gamecock on the same play, and I get that. However, in the name of sportsmanship and athletics, and paid referees, someone needs to hear and own this stuff, such as five or so seconds of wrong.

We all witnessed 40 yards of “holding.” FORRTTY YARDS OF HOLDING in front of everyone in the stadium, everyone watching this particular game on TV, and everyone watching ESPN highlights, Facebook feeds, Tweets, memes and on and on and on.

As I sat there watching, I wanted to give something the benefit of the doubt. Then the commentators went to the “booth referee.” I thought, OK, these guys usually give a calm and collective perspective on things, at a super professional level.

What we heard, “The hand is in a strange place. He does have the jersey but what you look for with a hold is did he take a step away from the defender. The defender looks like he is satisfied to run side by side with the runner down field. I’m glad there was no call.” Matt Austin.

Again, to Gators, I’m not trying to change things and realize mistakes are made all the time. That said, there is a fundamental flaw here. This looks weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeird…

Had to blog about this one….

Franklin Jones

South Carolina Hospitality.

Wednesday afternoon Elizabeth Woodring Ross and I had a 1:00 listing appointment in super hot Lexington, SC. As we walked up a few steps to the front door, we were greeted by this gracious setting these amazing homeowners set out for anyone who delivers mail/packages to their home.

Bringin’ life’s perspective back a few notches, goin’ up for a 10,000-foot view, and taking a few deep breaths from our busy lives and all that…how cool is this?

No strings, just genuinely nice & kind.

I’m gonna propose this gesture for our front porch to the family.

I’m sure our girls will love it as much as I do…


Check Your Neighborhood!

Below is a list of the latest property transfers as reported by The State Newspaper.

As you can see, the list is by county, zip code, then the street address of properties that have transferred.

Let us know if you would like to be on this list as a buyer or seller! My number is 803-447-8683 and email is

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

A notable Harden Street home near Five Points has sold for nearly $1 million.

The Wallace McGee House, an International style home designed by Edward D. Stone, was sold by Vincent J. Degenhart and Denice J. Degenhart to Church Carroll Heyward, Jr. and Caitlin Heyward for $997,500.

The four bedroom, five bath, 4,850-square-foot home in Wales Garden was described by Zillow as “a national treasure.”


415 Harden St. 29205 from Vincent J. Degenhart and Denice J. Degenhart to Church Carroll Heyward, Jr. and Caitlin Heyward $997,500

939 Burwell Lane 29205 from Blythe Building Company, LLC to Derick M. Wenning and Rebekah J. Wenning $674,900

217 Oceola St. 29205 from Xanthakos – Oceola Properties, LLC to Exeter 19421 WY, LLC $555,000

504 Fetterbush Road 29045 from Derick M. Wenning to Denise M. Jefferson and Troy A. Jefferson $500,000

1309 Pinemont Drive 29206 from Christopher A. Boyce and Mary Paige Boyce to Chandler Culbertson and Caroline Culbertson $450,000


1440 and 1470 Charleston Highway 29169 from MMV White Horse, LLC to CHS Hwy Center, LLC $3,500,000

824 Blue Quill Court 29072 from Blythe Building Company, LLC to Tyler S. Speer and Frances Caroline Speer $724,000

412 Mooringview Point 29036 from E. Catherine Selinger Revocable Trust to Joshua Clark $590,000

117 Old Carrington Parkway 29072 from Charles D. Barber and Melanie M. Barber to Jason H. Conrad and Jennifer C. Conrad $565,000

711 W. Main St. 29072 from N Squared, LLC to Lexington Convenience Store, LLC $550,000


2169 Lakeshore Road 29020 from John C. Morris and Meredith S. Morris to Daniel Francis Sweeney and Vanessa Sweeney $462,000

970 Pine Grove Road 29020 from Cathy L. Campbell to Ryan H. Williams and Sherri P. Williams $425,000

514 Rutledge St. 29020 from G & G Norwood, LLC to APP SC, LLC $390,000

104 Hackamore Lane 29020 from Ryan Harrison Williams and Sherri P. Williams to Jordan Edward Edwards and Karianne Marie Edwards $323,000

409 Tombfield Road 29020 from Delbert L. Areford and Shannon L. Areford to Mary E. Baney $275,000



276 Wading Bird Loop from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Johnny J. Wilson and Ashley G. Wright $284,484

161 Crimson Queen Drive from D.R. Horton, Inc. to Jimmy Lee Worthy $222,450

240 Camp Agape Road from Charles W. Boleyn, Jr., Lindsey Nerheim, Jarred Keegan and James Eric Keegan to Christopher Hanley and Karen Hanley $155,000

535 Maple Valley Loop from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Teddy O. Oteba and Morgan M. Trout $310,000

583 Wild Hickory Lane from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Kyrie E. Martin $396,000

174 Upper Wing Trail from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Jeffery W. Kennedy and Angela M. Kennedy $434,900

542 Long Pine Drive from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Steven W. Childers and Wilma R. Childers $287,400

562 New Cut Lane from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Willie W. Grissom and Jacqueline B. Grissom $383,000

944 Near Creek Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Christopher E. Nimmons and Tara Shamika Nimmons $342,462

398 Gatesbrook Drive from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Raymond Wilson Lancaster and Melanie Carisa Lancaster $276,420

47 Easington Court from Hurricane Construction, Inc. to Ronald Harvey, Jr. And Shequia Tamara Harvey $288,440

57 Easington Court from Hurricane Construction, Inc. to Dustin Young and McKenna Wilmoth Young $251,000

454 Pine Knot Road from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Stephanie Nicole Bush and Dwayne Bush $308,075

65 Palmetto Palm Court from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Jessica V. Savage $355,000

142 Kinsler Road from Harriet L. Hulings Revocable Trust and Frances Laborde George f/k/a Mary Frances Laborde to Mary Reese Burnside Revocable Trust $296,100

9 Canvasback Court from Cynthia M. Hall to Key Johnson and Marlena Johnson $205,000


234 Matisse Trail from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Rosalie Charlotte Scheible $276,000

222 Jackstay Court from MM Residential Properties, LLC to Sean Lapham $154,900

429 Maira Posada Court from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Corey Franklin Treas $282,100

13 Mapleline Court from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Jason Ryan Boryk and Courtney K. Boryk $359,175

409 Ashwood Hill Drive from Bobbie S. Smoak and Ralph W. Smoak, III to Patrick Rider and Stacey Rider $400,000


504 Fetterbush Road from Derick M. Wenning to Denise M. Jefferson and Troy A. Jefferson $500,000

205 Lacecap Road from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Barbara A. Bedmintas $315,192

201 Lacecap Road from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Norris D. Thomas and Crystal R. Henry $362,945

3060 Cool Breeze Lane from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Baron R. Davis and Pamela T. Davis $410,430

1365 Montford Drive from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Donna C. Fultz and Anthony W. Fultz $209,726

6 Fyfe Court from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Terrance D. Wright $119,000

105 Turkey Crossing Road from Robert M. Mims, Jr. to Scott M. Lee and Cherie S. Lee $360,000

333 Deer Run Road from Marlene L. Jolin and Paul R. Jolin to Meredith G. Berry $250,000


9 Benchmark Court from Brandon L. Syma to Jerri Dee Pazdzior $232,900

131 London Pride Road from Michael D. Myers and Kierrian R. Myers to Zachary Allan Keefe and Taylor Clark Keefe $153,000

212 Andover Circle from Andrew J. Edwards and Audra J. Edwards to James E. Martin $129,900

661 Cornerstone Circle from Henry Grace Eleanor to SFR JV-1 Property, LLC` $122,000

420 Maypop Lane from James A. McLaughlin, Sr. and Joanne S. McLaughlin to Charles G. Reamer and Abigail E. Williams $242,500

212 Glen Rose Circle from Tiffany Rabon to Stephen Dawkins and Jessica Dawkins $179,900

503 Compass Rose Way from Theodore Ranallo to Wendell B. Koger $319,000


1929 Bluff Road, Unit 144 from David M. Mader to Brandon Cone and Mary Kathryn Cone $194,500

1051 Key Road, Unit 4 from 1051 Key Road Unit 4, LLC to Michele Hitchcock and Mackenzie Hitchcock $185,000

1520 Senate St. from Petunia Investments, LLC to Anna C. Parham and Daniel A. Parham $120,000


8017 Wilson Boulevard from Patra C. Sullivan to Mariangela Rivera $250,000

1409 E. Muller Avenue from Jeremy W. Cowan to Robert O. Mitchell and Tyler Mitchell $131,000

4920 Holmes Avenue from Kathern A. Price to Stephen Lee Lyons $129,900


Lots off Elmwood Avenue from Carolina Wrecking, Inc. to Elmwood Lands, LLC $350,000


939 Burwell Lane from Blythe Building Company, LLC to Derick M. Wenning and Rebekah J. Wenning $674,900

2807 Holt Drive from Edward J. Smith to Christian B. Baxley and Carolyn Baxley $136,000

217 Oceola St. from Xanthakos – Oceola Properties, LLC to Exeter 19421 WY, LLC $555,000

415 Harden St. from Vincent J. Degenhart and Denice J. Degenhart to Church Carroll Heyward, Jr. and Caitlin Heyward $997,500

119 S. Edisto Avenue from M.D. Strasburger to William Darr $389,750


133 Alexander Circle from Candace G. Hindersman to Debra H. Tyler and Lisa T. O’Sullivan $360,000

4506 Arcadia Road from Partners for Payment Relief DE IV, LLC to Diane M. Cook and Chameo T. Frierson $135,000

4853 Landrum Drive from Matthew Lee Bowers and Rhoda Jane Bowers to Lianna V. Hammett $390,000

1326 Whittaker Drive from Deans Richardson Fawcett to Charlotte L. Walker $287,500

1830 Atascadero Drive from Heidi E. Wilson to Denise Olivia Simpson $173,500

300 Bancroft Court from Betsy Todd Moon to Allan F. Pregnall and Carolyn R. Pregnall $268,000

111 Ila Lane from Estate of Llewelyn Poole to 111 Ila Lane, LLC $195,000

1309 Pinemont Drive from Christopher A. Boyce and Mary Paige Boyce to Chandler Culbertson and Caroline Culbertson $450,000


637 Scribes Lane from NVR, Inc. to Danielle Curtis $182,990

21 Oak Hollow Court from Department of Veterans Affairs to Clayton James Baird $173,000

5 Magnolia Springs Court from Robert C. Warden to John Richard McLeod and Linda A. McLeod $205,000

1317 Pineview Drive from Kathy S. Metts to CNA Construction, Inc. $250,000

505 Burnside Drive from Kaitlin M. Root n/k/a Kaitlin M. Mills to Joshua Payne $147,000

6 Trotwood Drive from Stuart Arnold to Kristin E. Weldin $215,000

10 Wild Iris Court from Brittney J. Cook to Sheri Nicole Matthews $137,500

633 Scribes Lane from NVR, Inc. to Shonqueta Anderson $167,000


220 River Bluff Boulevard from Denise Joelle Weltz n/k/a Denise Weltz Mendenhall to Kimberley Dianne Anthony $150,000


702 Tennyson Drive from Shannon S. Januesheske and Chandler L. Sawyer to David W. Green and Susan D. Green $125,000

2 Cedar Field Court from Wilbur A. Wilkinson, III and Dorothy Wilkinson to James E. Kelly and Jenny C. Kelly $165,000

217 Patio Place from Nex Ventures Realty, Inc. to Barbara Bickers $168,500


225 Holliday Road from 35K, LLC to Mark E. Smith $419,000

208 Greenfield Road from Glenn T. Funderburk to William E. Brown and Courtney W. Brown $165,000

400 Mallet Hill Road, Unit F-1 from Carol Deeanne Varnadoe to Amelia Alston $184,900

221 Branch Hill Lane from Brenda P. McCutchen to Judy B. Arledge Revocable Trust $347,000

215 Windsor Point Road from PTS Properties, LLC to Jabari Boykin $185,000

440 Dove Ridge Road from John T. Harold, Jr. and Rosalyne D. Harold to Sharon A. May and David J. May $237,500

6007 Two Notch Road from Dukes Family Trust to Trang Hong Pham $230,000

213 Allans Mill Drive from Jeffrey Mullett to Jose Lopez and Tatianna Lopez $199,000

117 Park Shore Drive E. from Alexander V. Lunev and Nina V. Arefyeva to Edward E. Huffman and Olga Zeinali $265,000

585 Scarlet Sage Lane from David A. Calef to SFR JV-1 Property, LLC` $120,000

2300 Gavin Drive from Randall Benson McIntyre to Advocacy Trust, LLC $146,800

349 Peppercorn Lane from Michael E. Reeves and Tyshiska M. Reeves to LaQuan Sumpter $158,000

421 Sharidan Drive from Mathew Varghese and Anie Varghese to Samuel A. Harrison and Shawntania L. Polite $120,000

205 Cambridge Lane Road from Robert D. Johnson and Kimberly Jarriel Johnson to Shenelle Hanley $134,000

9516 Highgate Road from Jonas C. Lamb, III and Patrice F. Lamb to Bertram C. Dedman and Kandi Jean Dedman $172,900


6 Deer Harbour Court from Thomas J. Walsh and Robin H. Walsh to Andrew G. Boyd $325,000

501 Wotan Road from Kerry Marion Cooper and Brittnii N. Watts to Casey Hundley $184,900

30 Lee Ridge Court from James Robert Stewart to Sharon Taylor and Paul G. Taylor $175,000

530 Marsh Pointe Drive from Eun Ah Kim and Seokwon Kim to Anthony R. Nelson and Karen Nelson $275,000

423 Indigo Ridge from Department of Veterans Affairs to Lawanda Yvonne Conyers $158,200

102 Summit Ridge Circle from Christopher Cleveland to Moldavia Q. Canada $155,000

4 Merril Leaf Drive from Baron R. Davis and Pamela T. Davis to Jerrell Donte Turner and Erica Turner $270,000

7 Ridge Pond Drive from Christine M. Stoddard to Alonzo Sheldon Phillips, II and Aneka Demetra Dixon Phillips $168,000

428 Indigo Ridge Drive from Mary Jane Littleton to Jon K. Mowatt-Simpson $207,000

232 Peninsula Way from Melvin Dewitt and Kendra Dewitt f/k/a Kendra McBride to Adewale A. Adeyemi $377,000

247 Ashewicke Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Carl Dickey and Dana H. Dickey $220,151

136 Bassett Loop from Marcus C. Redburn to Devdas Parikh and Rekha Parikh $240,000

208 Wild Olive Drive from Dionne M. Toney to Latoya Jones $135,000

513 Windjammer Lane from Community Builders and Developers, LLC to Marcia Chevone Alleyne $201,500

508 Oak Cove Drive from Nex Ventures Realty, Inc. to Jennifer U. Steele and Harrison A. Steele $170,000

1967 Lake Carolina Drive from Julio S. Piedrasanta and Carmen T. Piedrasanta to Mervyn S. Boone, Sr. $156,000

216 Peninsula Way from GT Ventures II, LLC to Robin Renee Ried and Matthew Douglas Ried $120,000

325 Tall Shadows Lane from Timothy B. Gladders to Benjamin Edward Gouger and Ericka Taylor Gouger $157,000

412 Sawtooth Lane from Lena S. McFadden Avery f/k/a Lena S. McFadden to Delores Singletary Keller $180,000

741 Elderberry Lane from Grace Eleanor Henry to SFR JV-1 Property, LLC` $132,000

346 Summit Hills Circle from Bruce McLee and Barbara McLee to Willie Norris, Jr. $130,000

108 Applehill Court from William S. Iskrzak and Georgiann K. Iskrzak a/k/a Georgiann K. Iskrzak to Gabriel J. Huba and Grace G. Huba $152,000

217 Steeple Drive from Albert D. McLendon and Nancy B. McLendon to Michael Cleary and Katelynn Cleary $210,000

1192 Ashland Drive from Feliz Quintero and Claudia Zambrano to Devrim Cacim-Worthy and Allen Worthy, III $271,000



700 W. Columbia Avenue from Belinda Collum Scott to Leigh Ann Rikard $125,000

238 W. Church St. from Tammy Rhoad Ott to Pure Air System, LLC $225,000


1513 Abbott Road from Boyd D. Wright and Martha Joyce Wright to Heather D. Seal $107,500

155 Tufton Court from Rajan Chopra and Meba Chopra to Fredrick J. Chmiel $260,000

1312 12th St. from Evan Clarke Kyzer to Christopher Gene Tenny $129,000

209 N. Eden Drive from John D. Harvey, Jr. a/k/a John D. Harvey, II, Donna Marie Harvey, Sherry Jean Crain and Mack C. Harvey to William H. Zeigler and Donna Kaye Kirby $177,000

181 Elden Drive from Michael Norton to Don F. Mills, III and Kaitlin M. Mills $211,000

1020 Northland Drive from Daniel M. Gatlin to David Wayne Jones, II and Abbygayle Lahn George $120,000


370 Firebridge Drive from Ernestine Lemon to Daryle F. O’Cain $141,000

124 Smallwood Drive from Carl Andrew Emmerling and Erica Danielle Emmerling to Joshua R. Daniels and Sally G. Thomson $223,900

116 Firebridge Drive from Don Weaver to David Shankle and Patricia Shankle $114,900

139 Fair Haven Way from Melody M. Player to David M. Raley, Sr. and Dianne M. Raley $104,900

239 Hilton View Court from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Randy R. Gifford and Linda K. Gifford $347,858

223 Hilton View Court from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Wendel E. Franklin and Charles T. Franklin $355,000

1538 Old Lexington Highway from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Brigette A. Poirrier and Brian R. Poirrier $267,000

793 Xander Way from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Douglas R. Weitzel and Patricia K. Weitzel $254,974

440 Lake Estate Drive from Diamond Kontos and Susan Kontos to Grayson J. Greiner $276,000

145 Arrow Shores Court from Joshua Clark to Zachary J. Thompson and Tina Sportschuetz $445,000

134 Lazy Brook Drive from Jon W. Taylor and Shari M. Wibert to James T. Austin $126,000

459 Smallwood Drive from Daniel A. D’Agati and Esther D’Agati to Cory Wendelin Noll and Kelli Williamson Noll $204,500

1054 Indian Fork Road from Bryceton S. Dorr and Crystal S. Dorr to Martin Plascencia and Imelda Plascencia $242,000

412 Mooringview Point from E. Catherine Selinger Revocable Trust to Joshua Clark $590,000


1249 Windy Road from Lisa Corley n/k/a Lisa Hunt and Michele Roland to Colin D. Korte Revocable Trust and Kristen R. Korte Revocable Trust $242,900

402 Wire Road from Jennifer J. Voshell and James Voshell to Adam Ward and Sara Ward $192,000

5816 Two Notch Road from Clayton S. Stegall and Hailey Stegall to Wayne B. Connors $174,000

311 Peachtree St. from Jerry Steven Walters and Susan Deloach Walters to Kenneth J. Pritchett, Jr. and Kelly L. Pritchett $344,000

226 Creek End Road from Harold L. Larimore, Sr. to Lou Spradley Dinkins $133,100

5 Downing Circle from Johnny Cambridge Bailey to Daniel Hurtak and Donna Hurtak $250,000

126 St. Pauls Place Drive from Joshua Caulder to Johnny C. Bailey $215,000

402 Juniper Springs Road from Kimberly Gilchrist Weed to Mathew S. Smith and Nicole R. Smith $287,500

128 Front St. from Elizabeth Shealy and Wanda Ward to Eric S. Dowdy $166,000


226 Blue Cedar Road from Barbara H. Dix to Anita L. Osborn $210,000


743 Nichols Court from Rust Family Revocable Trust to Nancy J. Gallivan and Elise A. Howell $230,000

463 E. Columbia Avenue from Deborah B. Thomas n/k/a Deborah B. Ward to Wanda K. Sharpe $105,000

702 Lineywood Road from Donald W. Tidwell and Robin P. Tidwell to Matthew A. Dixon $188,000

140 W. Hampton St. from Bryan C. Couch and Stephanie C. Couch to Karen Lynn Frownfelter $147,000

108 Switch Grass Drive from Mathew Scott Smith and Nicole R. Smith to David M. Clardy and Ann T. Clardy $215,000


135 Fitzwarin Court from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Robert H. Moore and Evelyn Moore $287,697

834 Bentley Drive from Anneliese E. Koban to Nicholas Aaron Naleppa $172,900

405 Rolling Shoals Court from D.R. Horton, Inc. to Fnu Kumar Sourav and Neha Gupta $257,000

132 Kellers Pond Lane from Jeffrey E. Allen to Jason R. Wise $263,149

205 Red Barn Road from John M. Morelock, Jr. and Elizabeth Edwards-Morelock to Linsey Elizabeth Jenkins $171,500

607 Ventana Lane from Alberto Escalante3 Zavala and Rosario Portillo to Steven J.l DeJesus Roman and Rebecca E. DeJesus $160,000

104 Shumard Leaf Court from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to James Carey and Kathleen Carey $309,602

124 Cascade Drive from Coates Properties, LLC to Jeffrey T. Whisennant and Carolina Whisennant $172,500

1610 A Pisgah Church Road from Walter G. Whetsell, Jr. and Kimberly T. Whetsell to Eric R. Stewart and Anne M. Stewart $180,000

1441 Old Chapin Road, Unit 433 from Robert V. Ferrell to Jack W. Butler, Jr. and Lisa P. Butler $225,000

141 Misty Dew Lane from Haley Marie Martin and Melissa Michelle Hatchell n/k/a Melissa Martin to Catherine Elizabeth Ostmann and Ryan Kaminer $168,000

132 Morning Dew Drive from Anthony W. Fultz and Donna C. Fultz to Kenneth Lee Zimmerman and Charity S. Zimmerman $293,000

209 Sunset Point Drive from Todd B. Lee and Renee L. Lee to Katherine Alexis Shortt and Lora Stuart Shortt $275,000

225 Presque Isle Road from Phillip B. Mathias and Lana P. Mathias to Jon A. Stites and Mary M. Stites $268,000

805 Corley St. from Kimberly F. Groh to Lbirdshead Sdira, LLC $156,000

342 Spring Mist Court from James E. Martin and Marion W. Martin to Donald L. Nielsen and Christine D. Nielsen $250,000

119 Breezes Drive, Unit 22-B from James A. Cepko, Lauren Walck and Jason Walk a/k/a Jason Walck to Robert J. Lesko, Jr. and Aileen P. Lesko $150,000

136 Village View Way from D.R. Horton – Crown, LLC to Andrew Martin Stewart and Megan Venters Stewart $260,085

117 Old Carrington Parkway from Charles D. Barber and Melanie M. Barber to Jason H. Conrad and Jennifer C. Conrad $565,000

319 Mooring Lane from Larry W. Thomas to Douglas C. Kirby and Shannon C. Kirby $228,000

125 Village View Way from D.R. Horton – Crown, LLC to Rogers Anderson Chambers and Cynthia Chambers $267,489

103 Garden Arbor Court from Katherine C. Jeffords to Susan T. Sprawls $138,000

101 Southbrook Drive from Angel J. Vargas and Lavendertulip, LLC to Wendy S. Krueger and Jeremy J. Farmer $187,500

403 Badminton Court from Latasha R. Rowe to Elizabeth A. Fine $205,000

127 Wildlife Grove Road from D.R. Horton, Inc. to Alberto Escalante and Rosario Portillo $262,000

132 Breezes Drive, Unit 33B from Whitney Anne Galloway to Dajue Renee Hodges $175,000

168 Breezes Drive, Unit 38A from Ryan W. King to Sherry L. Massie $238,800

101 Fenwick Court from James E. Barfield to Kenneth H. Sanders $164,900

210 Madison Park Drive from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Jonathan Michael Scholz and Abigail F. Scholz $292,582

103 Bluebill Court from John L. Sprawls and Susan T. Sprawls to Sharon Marie Ferrer Quinette and David K. Quinette $175,000

711 W. Main St. from N Squared, LLC to Lexington Convenience Store, LLC $550,000

559 Hopscotch Lane from McGuinn Homes, LLC to Rodney Taylor and Megan Taylor $248,900

211 Misty Oaks Court from Dawn M. Hartwig to SFR3, LLC $248,000

169 Madison Park Drive from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Jared Kyle Harper and Tanya Nicole Harper $261,194

209 Trailside Lane from Barrett Gardner and Jennifer Gardner to Benjamin Schooley and Michelle Schooley $525,000

353 Saddlebrook Road from Barrett Gardner and Jennifer Gardner to Jeffrey Alan Langston and Shalene Langston $104,000

116 Appalachian Trail from Syed Mahdi and Zehra Mahdi to Adrienne D. Dodge $217,900

567 Blue Ledge Circle from Rodney A. Taylor and Megan E. Taylor to Richard F. Matthews $172,000

236 Allenbrooke Way from Real Legacy Homes, LLC to Nicole K. Addy $210,000

407 Hayfield Lane from Russell Cogswell and Lauren Cogswell to Matthew Bryan Pocta and Amelia Cherry Pocta $187,000

113 Wilde Spring Road from Jack R. Callison Revocable Trust and William L. Gantt Family Trust to Subash Mohanty and Palvi Mohanty $171,000

423 Creek Side Lane from Arlene H. Lifsey to James Vernon Allen and Iva Ann Allen $184,000

150 Hillyrock Road from Michael G. Beaver to Douglas E. Fraser and Elizabeth H. Fraser $100,000

227 Cinnamon Hills Lane from Michael A. Kirkland to SFR JV-1 Property, LLC $136,000

824 Blue Quill Court from Blythe Building Company, LLC to Tyler S. Speer and Frances Caroline Speer $724,000

438 Dupre Mill Road from Cody McCreary and Michelle McCreary f/k/a Michelle M. Thiegart to Kenneth Scribellito and Teresa Scribellito $146,000

155 Harvest Grove Lane from Michael R. Carden and Patricia Figueroa to Steven Edward Taylor, Jr. and Megan Tamara Taylor $185,000


301 Double Eagle Circle from Marshall D. Means, Ivey L. Means and Kathy Jones to James Glover and Pamela Morgan Sarbok $133,000

228 Deertrack Run from Julio Llanes and Alexa Llanes to Ammar Khudayyer Abbass Alsalih and Marwh Al Rubaye $154,500

771 Turner Hill Drive from D.R. Horton – Crown, LLC to Gail Jackson and Victor Jackson $348,798

743 Turner Hill Drive from D.R. Horton – Crown, LLC to Ricky W. Jackson, Jr. and Alexa Jackson $349,500

200 Acorn St. from Mark Barnhill to Amanda E. Barnhill $125,000

219 Silverbell Lane from Richard W. Clohecy and Anna C. Clohecy to Jesse E. Wiggington and Alycia N. Wigginton $223,500

918 Tanreall Drive from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Kaitlyn E. Griffin and Patrick A. Griffin $224,268

223 Oak Ridge Lane from Clarkson Property Holdings, LLC to Allen Hopkins $124,000

216 Cassique Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Aaron Walter Gallegos and Kimberlee H. Cooper $225,223

244 Cassique Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Lawanda Goerzetta Jones $248,500

511 Fox Trail Lane from William John Gleser to Harley D. Boyce $155,900

810 Spring Cress Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Wendell Jay Paulson and Cynthia Faith Paulson $225,000

736 Turner Hill Drive from D.R. Horton – Crown, LLC to Preeteshkumar Patel and Meenaben Patel $363,812

227 Mesa Verde Drive from NVR, Inc. to Jennifer Marie Strickling $185,500

217 Farringdon Court from 217 Farringdon Court, LLC to Kaitlin Nicole Finklea and Andrew Blake Earhart $147,900

237 Louisa Lane from Jason A. Bourque to Courtney A. Smith $116,250

727 Turner Hill Drive from D.R. Horton – Crown, LLC to Alexander Santulli and Kerri Santulli $363,469

759 Turner Hill Drive from D.R. Horton – Crown, LLC to Quay B. Tran and Sandy Slen $321,425

144 Rivendell Drive from Michael W. Cook and K. Nicole Cook to Noah W. Jahn and Madeline C. Jahn $269,000

624 Winterfield Drive from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Efrain J. Berdecia and Karina Berdecia $252,802

413 Wallace Way from R. Anderson Chambers to Andrew Joseph Topper $128,000

3208 Emanuel Church Road from Wilberg Morales and Diana Morales to Wilberg Morales, Jr. and Maria Gabriela Barbosa Morales $355,000

3757 Mineral Springs Road from Kathleen K. Page to Berton L. Wingard and Rebekah Wingard $250,000

405 Shag Bark Trail from The Stapleton Family Trust to Herbert K. Moss, Jr. $145,000

716 Holm Oak Road from Kenneth W. Collins and Glenda T. Collins to Mark Scofield and Anne Scofield $245,000

282 Ronnie Walker Road from Craig Minnick to Jason D. Burgos $159,000

2224 Trakand Drive from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Dianna Hamlin $160,443

141 Farm Chase Drive from Devona Carol Perez to Cameron Feinberg $144,500

612 Twisted Oak Court from Amanda C. Cupo f/k/a Amanda C. Garceau to Jeffrey H. Stoutenburgh $192,000

104 Vale Drive from Harold Linder and Cara H. Linder to Donna Lynn Florio $180,500

1905 Cold Rocks Way from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Douglas Michael Phillips and Margaret Anderson Phillips $229,303

127 Elberta Drive from Robert Conrad Swindler and James Behling Swindler to Mattilyn D. Smith and Taylor Weston Earp $179,900

413 Cannon Knoll Road from Bruce L. Anneaux to Lauria Hasdorff $317,000

120 Elberta Drive from Petrunia Investments, LLC to Tina S. Alewine $160,000


7924 Edmund Highway from Starr H. Corley to Helen Samantha Brazell $100,800


200 N. Brecon Avenue from James D. West and Leydi Saavedra to Paul T. Lau $177,000

101 Saylor Road from Spencer Derwin Saylor and Teresa H. Saylor to Austin J. Steen $100,000


2963 Sunset Boulevard from Lexi-Boi, LLC to PTV 1044, LLC $500,000

125 Marabou Drive from Matthew R. Baker and Pamela D. Baker to Bradley Whitehead $190,000

105 Meadowview Court from Estate of Ludowika M. Schrack to Daisy G. Massey, Margaret L. Power and Robert W. Power $133,000

920 Riverview Drive from Prestige Properties & Renovations, LLC to Eric A. Group $173,450

2325 Mary Drive from Fannie Mae a/k/a Federal National Mortgage Association to Palmer Smith and Rayne Smith $105,500

1401 Alpine Drive from Carl Poppell, Larry C. Poppell, J. Gayle Poppell and Pamela Poppell Prather to Jeffrey Scott Roof, Sr. and Marcia Waites Roof $155,000

1073 Hunningbird Drive from HBSS Homes, LLC to Sergio Fernandez Rojas and Azurin Jafet Martinez Parra $230,000

1440 and 1470 Charleston Highway from MMV White Horse, LLC to CHS Hwy Center, LLC $3,500,000

1241 Hulon Circle from Lisa Wilson to Travis Basnett and Andrea Lyles $101,500

101 Laurel Oak Drive from Megan Kakaras and Chris Kakaras to John T. Scott $173,900

200 Marabou Circle from James E. Turvey to NAF Holdings, LLC $230,000

560 Meeting St. from Tina S. Alewine and Estate of Edwin Stephen Alewine, Sr. to Petunia Investments, LLC $280,000


319 Congaree Ridge Court from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Anthony D. Gilliam, Sr. and Eunitha N. Gillam $407,130

2766 Naples Pass from R. Wayne Stanton to William E. McAbee, Jr. and Randi N. McAbee $144,000

220 Pinebluff Court from Noah Jahn to Grant Lee Woodruff $182,000

136 Cherry Grove Drive from Shannon E. Freeman to Jacob Malott and Emily A. Acosta $109,200

510 Idlewood Park from CJHP, LLC to LaTanya T. Pough $109,500

145 Plum Orchard Drive from McGuinn Homes, LLC to Erin Michelle Kaillio $169,445

180 War Admiral Drive from Meghan Riddock f/k/a Meghan K. Taylor to Juan Miguel Gonzalez, Jr. and Juan M. Gonzalez $103,000

263 Summer Walk Court from Travis P. Mead and Naomi Mead to Amber Dawn Alexander $145,900

404 Kitti Wake Drive from Joshua J. White and Crystine D. Bryan to Ray E. Hynson and Juliane E. Mackowski $196,000

169 Collumwoode Circle from Michael William Rawl to Jerry Steven Walters and Susan D. Walters $230,000

1029 Ebbitide Lane from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Courtney Allen $210,369

113 Dryden Court from Casey L. Joiner n/k/a Casey Joiner Buczkowski to Kevin Miller $149,900

5025 Edmund Highway from Good News Ministries of West Columbia, Inc. to Carolina Conference of Seventh Day Adventists, Inc. $165,500

166 Hunters Mill Lane from Dillon Eads to David S. Castro, Jr. and Deanna K. Thomas $150,000


650 Dunbar Road from New Day Homes, LLC to Joshua Alexander Mooney $115,000

321 Calcutta Drive from Frank M. Casale to Daniel J. Shealy $165,500

810 Frogmore Way from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Warnell R. Simon and Cora S. Simon $205,000

108 Davis Drive from Mark C. Melichar and Melita M. Melichar to Paul Shearer and Julie Shearer $130,000


676 Old Friars Road from Chris C. Duncan and Carolyn J. Duncan to Ricky K. Jones and Barbara B. Jones $200,000

834 Tara Trail from Estate of Rita Knee Pontiere to Keira J. Woodham $164,900

663 Old Friars Road from J. Stephen Hummers and Niki C. Hummers to Tasha Virginia Maye3s $190,000

826 Garden Dale Drive from Lynda K. Skinner n/k/a Lynda K. Poe to Valarie Tresvant and Dalton Tresvant $150,000


317 Tyler Hill Court from Emily Doolittle and John Doolittle to Matthew Connor Hancock $140,000

216 Frostwood Drive from Charles Ryan Jennings to Katy L. Schwartz $155,000

244 Mariners Row from Fred M. Secrest to David R. Schmitt and Barbara Owens-Schmitt $137,500

1441 Old Chapin Road, Unit 212 from Sam Tillman Owens, III to Cynthia L. Rosdahl $230,000

295 Sandstone Road from Cynthia Rosdahl to Terre K. Marshall $262,500

814 Village Lane from Shannon S. Januesheski and Chandler L. Sawyer to David W. Green and Susan D. Green $125,000

201 Lochweed Court from William E. Dudley, Jr. and Terry R. Deudley to Pamela Pullins and Tommie Pullins $470,000

522 Winding Way from Michael Alexander to Andrew Justin Edwards and Audra Jordan Edwards $231,500

238 Regatta Forest Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Caroline Soomsawasdi $344,323

325 Mapleview Drive from Donald E. Cantrell and Candace A. Cantrell to Nathan Andrew Morr and Patricia West Morr $204,000

272 Sandstone Road from Joseph R. Deputy and Lucia Deputy to Rachel E. McFarland $231,900

12 Surrey Court from Kurt A. Hartless to Cam Ebenezer, LLC $150,000



1914 Robbin Drive from Brian Maness to Charles R. Mothershead, Jr. and Carrie Mothershead $170,000

409 Tombfield Road from Delbert L. Areford and Shannon L. Areford to Mary E. Baney $275,000

132 Southern Oak Drive from Craven Hill and Amelia J. Hill to Rhett C. Stephens and Tammy S. Stephens $248,500

970 Pine Grove Road from Cathy L. Campbell to Ryan H. Williams and Sherri P. Williams $425,000

514 Rutledge St. from G & G Norwood, LLC to APP SC, LLC $390,000

20 Southern Oak Drive from Kristy W. Thomas f/k/a Kristy J. Gato to Stephen Craig West and Elaine Marie West $162,000

804 Woodgate Road from Patricia H. Geddings to Robert C. Thompson and Angela A. Thompson $265,000

376 Rapid Run from Bock Construction, Inc. to Zachary T. Floyd and Megan B. Floyd $241,335

3004 Beard St. from Barbara Elizabeth Owens n/k/a Barbara Elizabeth Schmitt to Walter A. Hutchens and Sharon Hutchens $125,000

612 Polo Lane from Zackery O. Atkinson and Katherine Z. Atkinson to John Edward Hickman and Whitney Murdaugh Hickman $210,000

924 St. Pauls Church Circle from Signal Homes, LLC to Jerrit C. Marsh and Terra L. Marsh $125,900

104 Hackamore Lane from Ryan Harrison Williams and Sherri P. Williams to Jordan Edward Edwards and Karianne Marie Edwards $323,000

803 Brown Road from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Robert Treze Swofford $154,900

2169 Lakeshore Road from John C. Morris and Meredith S. Morris to Daniel Francis Sweeney and Vanessa Sweeney $462,000

321 Rapid Run from Bock Construction, Inc. to Ann H. Sutherland $251,300

1916 Forest Drive from Katherine I. Blackburn Revocable Trust to Theresa L. Richardson $164,500


61 Aberdeen Way from Madi Investments, LLC to Taylor E. Deis $175,000

32 Regal Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Brittany Johnson $211,000

1236 Pawlick Lane from Paula Marie Berends and Robert John Berends, Jr. to Tamra H. Veronee and Sabino Pizarro, Sr. $213,000


313 Chickadee Lane from James Erin Miles to Kristen Arledge $132,500

1229 Spring Creek Road from State Street Holdings, LLC to Brian Goecke and Ona Goecke $196,000

9 Ardennes Circle from Fusion Real Estate Investment Group, LLC to Murphy Stover $149,900

126 Magnolia Lane from Mark S. Cox to Troy Ray Miller $108,000

53 Drakeford Park Road from Lawrence C. McCallum, Jr. and Hazel M. McCallum to Benjamin J. Rabon and Ashleigh R. Rabon $180,000

Forest Acres Area @$111/!

Heads up to my Forest Acres/Forest Lake/Arcadia Lakes area lovers!! Liz Black put 6459 Bridgewood Road on the market the other day and some of you may need to see it.

“Bridgewood” is a solid, all brick home just off of Trenholm Road. Having 2,829 square feet with 3 beds and 2 full baths, the house has more space than most Forest Acres ranch style homes ($111/sq. foot!). As you can tell from the pics, a former cracked tile back patio/porch has been enclosed and serves as a very cool den/family room.

Other than being close to anything & everything Forest Acres, Downtown Columbia, and I-77, it’s worth mentioning that “Bridgewood” is very close to Rockbridge Club, which is an awesome swim and tennis facility….some would say Columbia’s best. We used to be members of the Rockbridge Club and loved it until we moved into a neighborhood with a community pool.

If you or anyone you know would like to know more about this updated home @ 29206, please email or call/text her @ 803-460-9050. As you can see the house is a pleasure to show and you know we’re never too far away from Trenholm Plaza!

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

KW Palmetto Loves Growing Together!

Today 500 of the top Keller Williams REALTORS in North and South Carolina met in Charlotte to attend the annual Agent Leadership Council Clinic led by the legendary Gene Rivers…and it was awesome.

Within KW Market Centers (offices) around the world, the “ALC” is comprised of the agents that are in the top 20% of production that wants to serve, respectively. The ALC effectively serves as the “Board of Directors” of the Market Center. Sometimes I think of it as the Senate of the office.

The ALC appoints chairs of different committees and the designated chairperson recruits members that would like to serve their specific committees. The ALC meets once a month and discusses and votes on policy and procedures, including budget matters. The Council also helps new REALTORS launch their business the right way, and experienced REALTORS grow their businesses and in turn, expand their lives (more time with family!).

One of the reasons KW is the largest real estate company in the world is because it is run and governed by our REALTORS. KW is an open book company as we print the budget monthly for all of our REALTORS to see, right down to the paper towels. It’s pretty ingenious, and while every business on earth strives for a happy and awesome office environment, KW agents are bound together by the agent profit sharing opportunity, if they choose (That’s another blog post!).

The folks in the second image above is comprised of folks that attended the ALC Clinic – Brenda Meyer (Market Center Administrator), Eric Tucker, Candy Limehouse, Renee Royall, Scott Taylor (Operating Partner), that’s me, Matt Carroll (Market Center Team Leader), Linda Fischer, Andrew Morrison (Tech LABS Ambassador), Bethany Way, Alex Roberts, and Penny Broach.

I want to thank and congratulate these servant leaders for their willingness to attend the clinic and potentially serve on KW Palmetto’s ALC. If done well, serving on the ALC will provide an opportunity to change people’s lives, as well as their own. I’m proud to be in business with them and ready to change more lives through real estate!

If you or anyone you know is thinking about a career change into real estate sales or if you’re an existing REALTOR looking for a better way to do it, please email, call/text 803-447-8683, or IM me on Facebook.

Thank you!!!

Franklin Jones

PS: That’s Eric Tucker in the purple shirt standing in the 3rd photo addressing some of the best in the business.