5 Points on Steroids…?

Should we propose to the SEC that we play Georgia in Athens every year?! USC has a great set-up, but Athens may have Saturdays perfected. We seem to do better against the Bulldogs in Athens anyway!Athens is 5 points on steroids. Restaurants, bars, … [Continue reading]

Headed to Athens…

We're headed to UGA!Amazingly, since '91 (my freshman year) this is only my 3rd road trip to watch the Gamecocks play. I have been to Tennessee twice. The first time, USC took the Vols to the limit, only to lose in overtime with a touchdown pass … [Continue reading]

NBC, USAToday, TODAY, and FOX need to visit COLUMBIA, SC…

Trulia Trends Gainers 1. Columbia, SC 88.59% 2. West Chester, PA 57.07% 3. Boston, MA 29.05% 4. New Orleans, LA 22.98% 5. Albuquerque, NM 22.29% Fallers 1. Yuma, AZ -51.64% 2. Denver, CO -47.84% 3. Corpus Christi, TX -41.41% 4. Fairfax, VA -41.24% … [Continue reading]

Jeesh… How Many Cogs To Make A Wheel Turn?

Take a look at this email to Columbia's Director of Development Services today. Mr. Anders wrote this in response to a long Memo some of us received earlier this morning.His email is insightful and thought worthy, to say the least. On another hand, … [Continue reading]

Cool Heads, But Subtle Political Undertones Too…

Some are playing checkers, some are playing chess. Either way, this continues to get interesting...I went to the meeting in Columbia City Council Chambers today. The meeting was a little slow, and some of the comments were very repetitive, but … [Continue reading]

Meeting About Moratorium and McMansions is Set for Tuesday at 1pm. See below…

This is an email that many of us received the other day from Columbia's Zoning Adminstrator... FJSubject: Update RE: August 21st MeetingGood evening . . . it has become apparent that we could not get a committee organized to determine interim … [Continue reading]


There is a huge battle brewing between two factions concering "in-filling" downtown Columbia real estate. Get ready. This will get ugly in the name of each party's definition of "beauty."If you haven't seen, read or heard, Belinda Gergel wasted no … [Continue reading]

Another Cockaboose Is For Sale…for $395,000

I called a Cockaboose owner today. He verified that his Cockaboose is for sale for $395,000. I forgot the number, but it is on the Bluff Rd. side of the stadium. This is on the opposite side of the garnet/black train from 'boose #4, which has been … [Continue reading]

Can Downtown Columbia, S.C. Support a Private Luxury Tennis Center?

How about some "highest and best use" for some junk Columbia swampland out there?It seems like there are a ton of tennis courts to play on in downtown Columbia. However, when you actually drive around and try to get a court after work, they are very … [Continue reading]


For us, this trip is more important than lunch...Wherever we are, every afternoon I round up the team for our daily drive to purchase this legal drug. My personal orders are "Venti coffee with room, or Iced Venti Americano with room, please." Many … [Continue reading]