Forest Acres = Jordan Anderson Racing

Forest Acres is Jordan Anderson’s ‘Hood
As I was scrolling through the blogs tonight I noticed that wrote about the City of Forest Acres endorsment of Jordan Anderson Racing. When I clicked “comments” I read that one of the readers thought Fits made the story up.

Fits is correct. The story actually hit the local news last week. One of the elected officials proudly claimed Forest Acres endorsement of Jordan on the air. The man interviewed is hoping for the “Jordan Anderson Museum” in the city’s future.

The sponsorship is sure to stir some debate. Forest Acres obviously sees a great financial benefit in the future.

Over the years, I’ve watched Jordan’s race cars grow bigger and faster. The Anderson’s are great friends of mine and BFF’s with my family at Leon Jones Insurance, who is also a sponsor.

Good luck to Jordan and his new partnership with “A City Apart.”

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