BFF’s Travel To New Mangia-Mangia

King’s Grant & Shandon Crew Venture Out
If you’re a friend of a Howie, Jones, Denemark, Stivers, Craven or Pooser on Facebook, you’ve seen this picture a few times already. Well…we had such a good time the other night, I thought I could at least throw it up on the blog.

A few nights ago someone suggested we hit the new MangiaMangia in Northeast Columbia for dinner. Apparently, it was a good night for babysitters!

I usually don’t stray away from my regular spots like Mr. Friendly’s, MoMo’s or Za’s, but it was fun to branch out to Mangia for a night.

There are three great restaurants that sprinkle the I-20 corridor of Northeast Columbia. Solstice and Travinia’s are favorite’s off of Clemson Rd. The new MangiaMangia is off of Spears Creek Church Rd. which is the immediate next exit.

With this group good stories and fun debates make for a great time…no matter the venue.

As a side note I ordered a pizza. I’ll do it again.

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