REALTORS: Not Sayin’, Just Sayin’…

About this time of the year, 10,000ish KW REALTORS arrive in Austin, TX for what we call “MegaCamp.” It’s a conference for high-level real estate professionals and a platform for sharing for those who want to take their businesses to the next step.

This year, however, MegaCamp is being held virtually.

Lots of knowledge bombs on the way, but the graphic above is very telling if you’re a REALTOR, or thinking about an amazing career in real estate.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

Thiem v Zverev 2020 Was So Much.

Covid-19 Sunday, September 13, 2020, I saw NFL football, MLB baseball, NBA basketball, NHL hockey, F1 Racing, and a tennis match.

The U.S. Open Championship match between Dominic Thiem and Alexander Zverev may not get into the conversation of “Greatest Match Ever,” as there were double-faults, odd unforced errors, and defensive (and offensive) nervousness. That said, this was more than a tennis match. It was an experience, an inspiration, a tragedy, and a teaching moment on many levels.

What happened, you ask?

Two friends that are two of a select few players that have been trying to break through the dominance of Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic had an opportunity to win a Major Tennis Title, got their opportunity at the same time.

Zverev took complete control of the match, so much so, that bazzillions of earthlings changed the channel or left their TV viewing area altogether.

Somewhere in the third set, the tide turned and later evened, making the next two’ish hours a grinding five-set streetfight of ballistic angles, nervousness, and exhaustive effort.

I don’t know how to put it into words, but Thiem’s effort to do what he did was inspiring to say the least. It was truly a, “Never Give Up,” moment. That said, Zverev was cruising and so dominating, that I’m sure he saw the U.S Open Trophy in his hands, and then didn’t.

Time will tell how Zverev will use this moment. He may be a multi-major champion Hall of Famer, or an almost great top tier player.

The way this chapter turned out, I can’t help but pull for Zverev to hold a few above his head. Moreover, in this instance, what Thiem did has me shaking my head hours after I was yelling at my TV and is the most inspiring thing I’ve seen in a while.

The 2020 U.S. Open Championship match was awesome, crowd or no crowd.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones


Deerwood Knoll @ Rosewood Neighb!

448 Deerwood Street 1A - Photo 10448 Deerwood Street 1A - Photo 31

As you can see from the pics in the link, the address “1A” is very fitting!

Deerwood Knoll is a staple of Rosewood Neighborhood and has a solid re-sale history. All of the units are 1,050 sq.ft. w/ a 2/2 floorplan. As you can see from image 2 above, Deerwood Knoll has a nice pool for residents to enjoy.

Rosewood is a vibrant Neighborhood that is minutes to anything Downtown Columbia, Forest Acres, and I77.

If you or anyone you know would like to know more about this awesome condominium, please call/text 803-447-8683 or email As you can see this listing is a pleasure to show and we’re never more than a few minutes away!!

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

KG Neighborhood Fantasy League!!!

Good morning. I’d like to introduce you to my 2020 Neighborhood NFL Fantasy Football Team.

Like many franchise owners out there, I’ve never heard of most of my team, and that’s OK. That said, I’ve never heard of most of my team members, so there’s that.

This year I had the terrible position (IMHO) of picking back to back in the snake model. I was “ON THE CLOCK!” for the 12th & 13th picks, ON THE CLOCK/ON THE CLOCK, ON THE CLOCK/ON THE CLOCK! You get the idea….

Where time will tell if I messed up is when I didn’t take myself off, “Auto-Draft.” I had Derrick Henry and Julio Jones in my scope when the machine picked up Austin Ekeler & Josh Jacobs, automatically. DAAMMMMNNNN!!!

Oh well, it may work out awesomely…

I’ll say this to the Commissioners out there and to the readers that notice I don’t have a kicker on my roster. Get your Covid-19 provisions straight before your draft. Our League’s Rules read that we needed 17 players. Some of us picked accordingly such that we waited to pick a DST or kicker with our 15th, 16th, or 17th pick. Those picks never happened as CBS shut us down with a 14 player roster.

That said, some of us now need to trade a player for our franchises to qualify to play Week 1.

Either way, fun is fun, and good luck to everyone and a big thank you to all of the Commissioners out there for putting this all together!

Franklin Jones


Happy Birthday, Jennifer Sparks Jones!

To an amazing wife, mom, and 29 or so year old Hottie-Tot who holds this happy family together, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Tonight we enjoyed a pot full of crab legs and bowls full of mussels and clams with snappin’ pasta and garlic toast. After dinner, we went cray-cray on desserts, and then the girls treated Jennifer with a Spa night, complete with a foot massage and some sort of chocolate face brushing…and Diet Coke.

Happy Birthday, Darrrrlaaaaangg! You got it goin’ on and are loved by many!


Newest Downtown HotSheet Is Here!

This edition of The HotSheet includes the most recent homes to hit Downtown Columbia, SC’s real estate market in the last two weeks. As of 1:00 AM, the fastest site in the industry is featuring 55 new listings for sale.

The areas include the zips 29201, 29204, 29205, 29206, and 29209, with a price range of $100,000 to $Zillion. Remember!!… No big deal if you don’t want to ‘register’ to look deeper at a particular property. Simply type in my initials or the word “Blog” (or whatever you can think of “Cocks,” “Tigers”), and shoot in a random email address in the field. Even if you don’t want to register or ‘poser register,’ you can still get a good glimpse of what’s new to the market by simply scrolling around the Gallery Page.

If you or anyone you know would like more information about any of these Downtown Columbia properties for sale, or if you’re interested in putting your home on the market, please call 803-447-8683 or email .

Happy clicking and Thank you!!

Franklin Jones

Thank You So Much, Mickey Plymale!

Big SHOUT-OUT to my buddy & neighbor, Dr. Mickey Plymale!!!

I know we all don’t see each other as much as we used to these days, but two weeks ago I was on my butt, unable to walk. For the second time in less than six months, I thought my ankle was perhaps broken or fractured.

The first time, not wanting to bother Mickey, I went to Dr.s Care on Rosewood and they took an X-Ray and sent me on my way to use the “RICE Method.” After about two weeks I was on my feet again.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, I was in agony. The difference this time was, I couldn’t pinpoint an actual “event” whereby my ankle took a pain. I simply woke up one morning and when I put my foot on the floor almost yelled out and had to catch myself before I fell down.

Jennifer set me up with an appointment and I was in Mickey’s office the next day.

When the X-Ray came back negative, Mickey’s first guess was gout. I thought to myself, “OH, S#@!”

He examined me further and given that I was playing a lot of tennis and that I walk like a duck (toes pointed out), combined that I have flat feet and sprinting and stopping every day for two hours, there may be fluid in my joint. He treated me for that diagnosis, accordingly.

I’m back on the courts.

This post may not move his income or credential needle one bit, but I still want to give a big SHOUT OUT to Dr. Plymale and his staff. Everyone in this practice is friendly, upbeat, and positive, and as a side-note, the tablet system they have in place is easy and top-shelf!

Thank you, Doctor Plymale!!! IMHO, the Midlands of SC is lucky to have you!

Franklin Jones

15 Foot Point Road @ King’s Grant!

Live beautifully on a favorite street in one of Columbia’s most popular neighborhoods!

15 Foot Point in King’s Grant Neighborhood 4,237 sq. ft. with 4 BRs and a FROG. The floorplan at 15 Foot Point has two primary BRs to choose from, one being on the main level which is ideal if your needs include a mother-in-law suite.

Check out the 3D Blueprint Here!

King’s Grant is Downtown Columbia’s only 24-Hour gated neighborhood. “KG” is also home to seemingly endless whitetail deer, ducks, geese, loads of fish and turtles, and a blue heron or two. Amenities include three ponds (two with fountains), walking trails, a fun foot-bridge, an Olympic size swimming pool (KG has a youth Swim Team), clubhouse for rent, five lighted tennis courts, two playgrounds, and a field with junior soccer/lacrosse goals.

KG is also the closest neighborhood you can get to I-77 for quick highway access to anywhere and only minutes to anything Downtown Columbia or Forest Acres. Further, King’s Grant feeds into the very popular Brennen, Crayton, AC Flora school zone.

If you or anyone you know is interested in living in beautiful King’s Grant Neighborhood, please call/text 803-447-8683 or email

As you can see from the pics and location, the house is a pleasure to show and we’re never more than a few minutes away

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

Waiting Too Long Can Bite You!!!

So after not being able to start my laptop, intermittently, for several days and nights in a row, I started to think, “OK, this thing is on it’s way out. I’m finally going to try an Apple”

Fast forward to Wednesday afternoon and I missed a ZOOM call that I scheduled, which was pretty embarrassing. So, I scooped up the twins and we went to Best Buy on Two Notch Road in the Northeast area of Columbia. All the way to the store I was on the phone asking my friends and colleagues, “Air or Pro?..Air or Pro?”

When we arrived squirted sanitizer and put our masks on like good little committed consumers. As we approached, “Sir, do you know what you want or would you like some help?” Well, I answered, I’m going to buy something and I have a few questions.” She proceeded to call an employee over and we all walked towards the laptops.

I asked, “OK, I just need to know one thing. Do I want an Air or a Pro?” He answered, “What do you do with your laptop, sir? I said, “Email and Internet (After he asked this I knew where we were headed which was great because his answer was about to be the less expensive one). “You want the Air. The Pro is overkill for what you’re gonna use it for.” he answered, professionally.

Me – “Ok let’s go, I’ll take it.”

Him – “We don’t have any in stock.”

Me – “What?” (I was shocked, then I felt like a dumbass for not calling first.)

Him – “Yessiiirr, we won’t have any until the 28th.”

Me – “WwhuttT’, NnowwW?” with my eyebrows now raised to the top of my head. (I have a slight panic of WTF??? am I gonna do without a laptop for 10 days.)

First of all, it didn’t even occur to me to call and ask about inventory before we hauled ourselves out to the store. Second, it was a reminder of how backed up the pipeline for products is right now. COVID, made in China, back to school purchases, combined with the Tax-Free Weekend South Carolina just enjoyed, no Best-Buy in the Midlands is going to have an Apple MacBook Air for 10 days.

We looked at shipping methods and at the time I was in the store, delivery would have been six days at best. 😐

Fast forward to tonight and how I’m able to type this post – a friend and neighbor of mine, Steelman Ketchum, let me use one of his so I could get through the days and night of a dead Lenovo beside me.

Thank you, Steelman! So far so good!!!

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

I Spy…With My Little Eye……

Per local guidelines, I’m not allowed to type too much about this image. That said, this photo was taken and sent to me with questions.

Call or text 803-447-8683 or email and I can tell you what I know.

Thank you,

Franklin Jones