Action @ King’s Grant Changes Thursday.

KingsGrantSignAs I see friends and folks around downtown Columbia, three questions dominate all others. Here’s the quick list; 1) How’s the market? 2) When are the twins due? 3) Hey, what’s going on in King’s Grant?

Honestly typing, I’ve hit a dry spell in King’s Grant. What’s the problem??… you might ask? Like I tell inquirers, “King’s Grant is flippin’ sold out. Well, more accurately, nothing is for sale.”  Sellers, buyers, REALTORS, and appraisers call regularly for any inside info I can provide. Here’s the rub. A few years ago there were 18 homes for sale in KG, and I was super nervous about the activity. Fast forward to today, there have been less than five homes for sale at any given time for about six months now. This all said, the trend is scheduled to change Thursday at 2:00PM.

The trend I’m typing about begins with the closing of 6 Mackay’s Point. At present, we have six “sides” scheduled to close in KG within the next 30 days, and tomorrow’s closing will act as a trigger for the rest of the Pending Sales. Thank goodness…

If you or anyone you know would like to know more details regarding the action in King’s Grant, please call 758-1669 or email . I’ll be glad to share any and all knowledge about this super hot neighborhood.

Thank you!


Downtown Columbia’s Newest Listings!

hotsheetThis edition of the HotSheet has some good new inventory, and a few homes that have returned after taking a break from the market. In all, there are 60 homes on the link to scroll through.

You may have noticed a few new signs in front of homes around downtown Columbia that you won’t see on the link. What gives, you may ask? There’s a good chance they were sold within days of hitting the market. 264 Tombee Lane @ King’s Grant comes to mind.

Happy clicking, and thank you!


Inventory Is Moving In The Midlands…


Mackays6CopperfieldWhittakerWhile I obviously post about real estate all the time, every now and then I like to break it down to a super local level. While MLS rules won’t let me report everything that’s closed, I can surely post what’s going on within our team. After all, every homeowner likes to know what’s going on in their neighborhood. Enter the pics above.

While we presently have a few dozen seller sides Pending Contract, 3215 Blossom St., 3 Worchester Court, 3812 Macgregor, 6 Mackays Point in King’s Grant, 11 Copperfield Ct., 1326 Whittaker Dr. are a good collection/snapshot of what’s happening in the downtown Columbia, SC real estate market. What am I getting at? If a home is in “move-in ready” condition and sports a fair asking price, you may want to start packing your stuff.

This all said, if you or anyone you know is thinking of selling please call 803-758-1669 or email We’d love to provide you or any potential seller with a comparative market analysis. It’s what we do!

Thank you!


Mackay’s Pt @ King’s Grant Is For Sale

MacKays1Tuesday afternoon I got a phone call no REALTOR wants to take, and quite frankly, no REALTOR wants to make. I’ll set the stage: The REALTOR’s name that brought the buyer to 6 Mackay’s Point showed up on my ringing phone around 3:30 this afternoon. Knowing we were a little over a week away from closing, and that appraisal and inspections were all clear, I hesitantly answered the phone and immediately said, “Don’t you do it.” Response, “Um, yeah, man.”  Knowing something bad was taking place I walked away from my meeting and said, “NO. WAY.” Response, “Franklin, man. Yeah, I mean…” Deal dead.

Over the years we’ve developed a knack for fixing problems. Once we get a property Under Contract, given our track record, the percentage is pretty high the deal will close. On this one, however, there’s nothing we could do. The once uber excited buyer was offered a job in Myrtle Beach she couldn’t refuse.  That’s that.

Making the call to my Seller was difficult, to say the least. Up to this point it was a smooth transaction and all was clear to close.  The worst part about the whole thing is my Sellers have all but moved out. Ugh.

The good thing is that it’s a great listing in a super hot neighborhood. 6 Mackay’s Point in King’s Grant was only on the market 21 days before fetching a contract. Futher still, it will be the only house for sale in the entire neighborhood under $700,000.   In short, a new buyer that can move quickly will be the beneficiary of all this.

Once again I want to give our clients and readers the jump on what’s going on: In a few days 6 Mackays will hit MLS all the other syndicated websites.  If you or anyone you know would like to know more about the house for sale @ Mackay’s Point in King’s Grant, call 447-8683 or email or .

Thank you!


PS: In case you’re curious how it played out, my sellers retained the earnest money.

Primo Location @ King’s Grant For Sale

A few days ago we put 6 Mackay’s Point on the market in King’s Grant. While most of you know my affection for King’s Grant, I’m going to change things up a little and post a few points in list form.

1) The house itself: “6 Mackay’s” sports over 3,500 square feet, with 4 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths. As you can see from the pics and link, features include hardwoods, vaulted ceilings, granite slab/stainless filled kitchen. A formal living area of the house has been cleverly turned into a private den, just off the owner’s suite.

The “double FROG” is AWESOME and ready for and combo of Wii’s, PlayStations, studio, and/or office. Outdoors has an elevated, large screened porch and over-sized deck.

2) Location of Mackay’s Point: If you know King’s Grant or follow this blog, you’re aware that the streets are geographically in alphabetical order. That said, given this street begins with an “M” means that any other cul de sac traffic travels ‘the other way’ to exit the neighborhood. For example, folks that live on Foot Point or Fenwick tend to use N. King’s Grant Drive, whereas residents on Somerton and Ravenwing enter and exit via S. King’s Grant. In short, this may be the quietest cul de sac in all of King’s Grant.

While Cotton Hope may be home the the biggest homes in KG, Mackay’s Point is arguably the primo ‘spot.’

3) The neighborhood itself: At present, King’s Grant is effectively SOLD OUT. There are two homes listed above $750,000, and two Under Contract in the $400,000’s. The only other homes for sale are “Mackay’s” and a home on Otranto, which is listed in the $600,000’s.

A few years ago there were 18 homes on the market in King’s Grant. Yikes! This made me nervous, to be sure. No longer. King’s Grant is a hot product and I expect the traffic at 6 Mackays to be very high.

If you or anyone you know is interested in living in a community with five tennis courts, uber popular pool, walking trails, clubhouse, and security gate, please call 447-8683 or email or .

Thank you!


Snapshot of Inventory Under Contract

When folks ask me, “How’s the market?”, I give a conscious effort not to answer with a good ole’, “GREAT!”, or “Couldn’t be better!”  If you know me, you know full well that being salesman(y) is something I try to avoid.

Could I spin a huge spool of good news and awesomeness within a few sentences? Absolutely, but it’s just not me. After all, Amanda and I have a lot of active listings and a lot of work ahead of us to get them sold.

This all said, the blog gives me the opportunity to project a snapshot of what’s going on. The pics above are some examples of our listings “Under Contract” that you may otherwise not know about. A couple of interesting dynamics about the homes above: 1) They reflect different price levels ($249,000, $289,000, $389,000, $699,000) and 2) All four represent very different neighborhoods within downtown Columbia.

Circle Drive (Forest Acres), Somerton (King’s Grant), Blossom Street (Shandon), and Lincoln Street(Elmwood Park) are all at different stages of their respective due diligence periods. Appraisals and inspections have been ordered on a couple, while the other two haven’t navigated very far through the process. Even so, they’re Pending Contract, and that’s a good thing.

In sum, inventory is moving and I thought you might like a quick read of what’s going on in a few downtown Columbia, SC neighborhoods.

Thank you!  FJ