Mackay’s Pt @ King’s Grant Is For Sale

MacKays1Tuesday afternoon I got a phone call no REALTOR wants to take, and quite frankly, no REALTOR wants to make. I’ll set the stage: The REALTOR’s name that brought the buyer to 6 Mackay’s Point showed up on my ringing phone around 3:30 this afternoon. Knowing we were a little over a week away from closing, and that appraisal and inspections were all clear, I hesitantly answered the phone and immediately said, “Don’t you do it.” Response, “Um, yeah, man.”  Knowing something bad was taking place I walked away from my meeting and said, “NO. WAY.” Response, “Franklin, man. Yeah, I mean…” Deal dead.

Over the years we’ve developed a knack for fixing problems. Once we get a property Under Contract, given our track record, the percentage is pretty high the deal will close. On this one, however, there’s nothing we could do. The once uber excited buyer was offered a job in Myrtle Beach she couldn’t refuse.  That’s that.

Making the call to my Seller was difficult, to say the least. Up to this point it was a smooth transaction and all was clear to close.  The worst part about the whole thing is my Sellers have all but moved out. Ugh.

The good thing is that it’s a great listing in a super hot neighborhood. 6 Mackay’s Point in King’s Grant was only on the market 21 days before fetching a contract. Futher still, it will be the only house for sale in the entire neighborhood under $700,000.   In short, a new buyer that can move quickly will be the beneficiary of all this.

Once again I want to give our clients and readers the jump on what’s going on: In a few days 6 Mackays will hit MLS all the other syndicated websites.  If you or anyone you know would like to know more about the house for sale @ Mackay’s Point in King’s Grant, call 447-8683 or email or .

Thank you!


PS: In case you’re curious how it played out, my sellers retained the earnest money.

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