Action @ King’s Grant Changes Thursday.

KingsGrantSignAs I see friends and folks around downtown Columbia, three questions dominate all others. Here’s the quick list; 1) How’s the market? 2) When are the twins due? 3) Hey, what’s going on in King’s Grant?

Honestly typing, I’ve hit a dry spell in King’s Grant. What’s the problem??… you might ask? Like I tell inquirers, “King’s Grant is flippin’ sold out. Well, more accurately, nothing is for sale.” ┬áSellers, buyers, REALTORS, and appraisers call regularly for any inside info I can provide. Here’s the rub. A few years ago there were 18 homes for sale in KG, and I was super nervous about the activity. Fast forward to today, there have been less than five homes for sale at any given time for about six months now. This all said, the trend is scheduled to change Thursday at 2:00PM.

The trend I’m typing about begins with the closing of 6 Mackay’s Point. At present, we have six “sides” scheduled to close in KG within the next 30 days, and tomorrow’s closing will act as a trigger for the rest of the Pending Sales. Thank goodness…

If you or anyone you know would like to know more details regarding the action in King’s Grant, please call 758-1669 or email . I’ll be glad to share any and all knowledge about this super hot neighborhood.

Thank you!


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