Waterfront Home Hits Market @29206

WestshoreViewHow bout this extraordinary and creative home in the middle of the Forest Acres/Arcadia Lakes?!

‘Westshore’ has 3,358 square feet, 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. There may be too many features to list, but a few include a HUGE family room with vaulted ceilings, uber modern/designer kitchen, and an owner’s suite complete with magical/aquarium designed bath and large closet.

While the living space of 6444 Westshore is awesome, the star of this property is the waterfront exposure. Located on one of the larger ‘Forest Lakes,’ this home has a luxurious ‘large water view’ which is very rare so close to downtown, Columbia, SC. The setting is primo, and sets up perfectly for entertaining and nightly enjoyment.

As a side note, 6444 Westshore is about 100 yards from popular ‘Rockbridge‘ which is one of Columbia’s most popular tennis and swim clubs. #PrettyCoolPerk

Neighbors include soaring ducks, bass, bream, a bunch of finchy/roadrunner looking birds, and an occasional blue heron (yes… the Litchfield/Pawleys type). I’m tellin’ ya, take your fishing pole!

If you or anyone you know would like to know more about this home, please call 803-447-8683 or email fjones@cbunited.com . This property is really fun to show.

Thank you!


Columbia, SC’s Newest Listings For Sale.

hotsheetIt’s been two Mondays since the last HotSheet…so here ya go! As you’ll see on the link, 79 properties have hit the downtown market in the last 14ish days.

As usual, this edition of The Hotsheet includes the latest properties to hit the downtown Columbia/ Forest Acres/Arcadia Lakes real estate market from $100,000-$1 Katrillion. The zip codes include 29201, 29204, 29205, 29206, and 29209.

If you’d like to know more about any of these properties for sale please call 803-758-1669 or email fjones@cbunited.com . We’d love to answer your questions, or show any of them you may be interested in.

Have fun clicking and more than anything, Thank You!


The Only Closing I’ve Shed A Tear. :**|

AtascaderoThursday afternoon my wife, Jennifer Sparks Jones, posted this on Facebook; “End of an era for Franklin Jones … 1919 is ready for its new owner.” Of the hundreds of posts I’ve typed on this blog over the years, there has never been a more accurate statement.

For our Facebook friends who were perplexed by Jennifer’s post, here’s the deal. The house in the pic is where my late wife, Kinsey Black Jones, lived when we were married. What’s the big whoop, you may ask? Well, while we were only married 11 months, she passed away over 10 years ago. While my brother and I lived there a couple of years after she died, the house has been vacant all this time. I’ll let you do any mortgage/power/water/lawn maintenance/taxes math your mind can imagine. :/

Why did I keep the house? Truth told, I just liked having it. It’s the house I lived in with other fellas for a few years before Kinsey kicked them out; Michael Jones (brother), Scott Brown, Graem Clark, Adam Crosson, Trav Robertson, and a few others come to mind. 1919 Atascadero is where members of The Junior League of Columbia would pick Kinsey up so she could fulfill her shift schedule (she wasn’t allowed to drive after chemo treatments). It’s the house Mrs. Black (Kinsey’s mom) and I shared the last four months Kinsey was at Baptist Hospital. It’s where I lived when Jennifer and I began dating. It’s the house in which I ran the palmetto tree/collegiate mailbox flag business. It was in the driveway of Atascadero where Jennifer convinced me that I should become a REALTOR. Like my beautiful niece, Liz Black, “commented” on Jennifer’s post, “Sorry, it’s hard for me to be excited about this. My few memories of my aunt being healthy are in this house. :(” #Oof. #Bittersweet.

Fast forward to today. After all these years, why would I finally care about selling the house? A few reasons. 1) It’s the right thing to do. Duh… 2) Finley. 3) Twin girls on the way! In short, it’s ‘future time’ for our family, not ‘memory time’ for me.

Heart felt tugs to Jennifer for letting me be me, and lots of “Thank Yous” to friends like Amy Ackerman Cartin, Townes Denemark, Ginny Hairston, and Amanda Payne for having to hear about it and deal with it over the years.

Tonight Jennifer, Finley, and I cleaned out the last little bit of belongings that have been in the house since I moved out. This weekend I’ll go through Kinsey’s Hammond School bag she left at the house so many years ago. It will be interesting to see whose kids I know, and to wonder/find out where they are now.

Congratulations to the new owners of 1919 Atascadero Drive! I hope you’ll love the house as much as I do.

To Liz Black..Thank you, and please know I love you so much. This is a good thing, I promise. :**)


Downtown Columbia’s Newest Listings!

hotsheetThis edition of the HotSheet has some good new inventory, and a few homes that have returned after taking a break from the market. In all, there are 60 homes on the link to scroll through.

You may have noticed a few new signs in front of homes around downtown Columbia that you won’t see on the link. What gives, you may ask? There’s a good chance they were sold within days of hitting the market. 264 Tombee Lane @ King’s Grant comes to mind.

Happy clicking, and thank you!


Downtown Columbia’s Newest Listings!

hotsheetIt’s been two weeks since I posted the last HotSheet and as most of you know, I like to have it live on Monday mornings. That said, since we were coming off a busy Memorial Day weekend, I dropped the ball a little bit! Booo…

Attached are the latest listings to hit the downtown Columbia, SC real estate market. This edition includes everything from $1 to $1Babillion in 29204, 29205, 29206, and 29209, respectively.

I think you’ll like the new format. I’ve minimized the actual amount of navigational clicks, as you can now scroll through all the properties continuously. It’s a smoother browsing experience, IMO.

If it asks you to register, don’t be afraid to create a dummy login…no problem.

If any of you would like to know more about the properties on The Hotsheet, please call 803-758-1669 or email fjones@cbunited.com or amandaqpayne@live.com .

Thank you!


Inventory Is Moving In The Midlands…


Mackays6CopperfieldWhittakerWhile I obviously post about real estate all the time, every now and then I like to break it down to a super local level. While MLS rules won’t let me report everything that’s closed, I can surely post what’s going on within our team. After all, every homeowner likes to know what’s going on in their neighborhood. Enter the pics above.

While we presently have a few dozen seller sides Pending Contract, 3215 Blossom St., 3 Worchester Court, 3812 Macgregor, 6 Mackays Point in King’s Grant, 11 Copperfield Ct., 1326 Whittaker Dr. are a good collection/snapshot of what’s happening in the downtown Columbia, SC real estate market. What am I getting at? If a home is in “move-in ready” condition and sports a fair asking price, you may want to start packing your stuff.

This all said, if you or anyone you know is thinking of selling please call 803-758-1669 or email fjones@cbunited.com. We’d love to provide you or any potential seller with a comparative market analysis. It’s what we do!

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Columbia, SC’s Newest MLS HotSheet!

hotsheetIt’s Sunday night/Monday morning which means more likely than not, it’s HotSheet time!

Have fun clicking/scrolling the link, and as you know please call 803-758-1669 or email fjones@cbunited.com or amandaqpayne@live.com if you’d like more information or would like to see any of the new listings on this edition of Columbia’s Hotsheet.

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Columbia, SC’s Newest MLS Hotsheet


This weekend’s weather may have been on the cool side, but as far as real estate is concerned spring has sprung!…and this edition of The HotSheet has some good stuff.  71 properties have hit the Downtown/Forest Acres market since I published the last list.

This Hotsheet includes the newest listings that have come to Columbia’s market within the last 14 days (one of the ‘drop down’ time spans I can choose from) ranging from $150,000 – $1 babillion in the downtown Columbia, SC zip codes of 29201, 29204, 29205, 29206, and 29209.

As you know, if you or anyone you know would like more information or to view any of these properties please call 803-758-1669 or email fjones@cbunited.com or amandaqpayne@live.com .

Thank you, and have fun clicking!


As In Politics… All Real Estate Is Local.

PalmettoPushPinWhile browsing around the Internets I noticed that noted political (and fellow) blogger, FitsNews.com, posted about the nation’s housing market.   To throw in a disclaimer: I can’t endorse or dispute his stats.  That said, I can report from experience that… as in politics, all real estate is local.

Here’s what’s going on locally.  Coldwell Banker-Midtown’s sales board has run out of room once again. Amanda and I have closed a good amount of homes this year and have a lot of transactions “Pending Contract.”  Taking the local theme further,  we have four families renting at 42 Magnolia and one renting a home in Forest Hills, all of which are waiting on their perfect home to come to market.  What I’m getting at is the downtown Columbia, SC may be a small local real estate fishbowl, but it’s the bowl we’re in…and it’s kinda full.

While I’m not sure what the post is conveying, I’m fine with giving him the benefit of the doubt enough to ‘re-post’ his post.

Thank you!  FJ

“More On Housing “Recovery”


Three weeks ago we did a post discussing the softness of the so-called housing “recovery” – focusing in particular on the stagnation of mortgage applications. More recently, we wrote about efforts by the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama to “stimulate” the market by approving loans to people who cannot afford them.

Which in case anybody forgot is exactly what started the current recession we are “recovering” from …

Anyway … according to data released this week from the National Association of Realtors sales of previously occupied homes dipped to 4.92 million last month from 4.95 million in February. And while that number is much higher than last year’s number, only 30 percent of those sales were to first-time buyers.

That’s well below the norm … and a bad sign for the sustainability of this market’s “recovery.”

In fact we can’t wait to hear Tyler Durden’s take on all of this over at Zero Hedge (yes, that Tyler Durden).

Wait, you’re not hip to the greatest site on the internet? Click here …


Newest Listings @ Downtown Columbia

hotsheetThis edition of The HotSheet has some good new listings, and some that you may have seen before. The homes you may recognize have either been re-listed with a new asking price, or have been sold before and “turning over” again. One example of this is the home in The Preserve with the red roof. Killer house, btw!

The list includes homes ranging from $150,000 – $1,000,000 in the downtown Columbia, SC zip codes of 29201, 29204, 29205, 29206, and 29209.

As you know, if you or anyone you know would like more information or to view any of these homes, please call 803-758-1669 or email fjones@cbunited.com or amandaqpayne@live.com

Thank you!