There is a huge battle brewing between two factions concering "in-filling" downtown Columbia real estate. Get ready. This will get ugly in the name of each party's definition of "beauty."If you haven't seen, read or heard, Belinda Gergel wasted no … [Continue reading]

Another Cockaboose Is For Sale…for $395,000

I called a Cockaboose owner today. He verified that his Cockaboose is for sale for $395,000. I forgot the number, but it is on the Bluff Rd. side of the stadium. This is on the opposite side of the garnet/black train from 'boose #4, which has been … [Continue reading]

Can Downtown Columbia, S.C. Support a Private Luxury Tennis Center?

How about some "highest and best use" for some junk Columbia swampland out there?It seems like there are a ton of tennis courts to play on in downtown Columbia. However, when you actually drive around and try to get a court after work, they are very … [Continue reading]


For us, this trip is more important than lunch...Wherever we are, every afternoon I round up the team for our daily drive to purchase this legal drug. My personal orders are "Venti coffee with room, or Iced Venti Americano with room, please." Many … [Continue reading]

$75,000 Missed? We’ll Get the Next One.

We were trolling (previewing houses) in Shandon today when we got a call. The caller told us that their co-worker just put a contract on a multi-million dollar house in another state. Yes, MULTI-MILLION!The real estate industry is full of … [Continue reading]

Downtown Columbia should be known as Cherry Cola !

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These are the Columbia neighborhoods that make my phone ring and email ding....10. Gregg Park - This may be because it is relatively small, or maybe the price point. Great Columbia neighborhood, though.9. Lake Katherine - Folks that want to be here, … [Continue reading]

Swagger a 680; That’s How You Roll…

680 is your number, if you aren't 700.I know you hear about credit scores all of the time. However, no one ever tells you what is good, and what is great. 700 or above is great. 680 (I didn't make up this number) will get you almost whatever you … [Continue reading]


I wonder what Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and Madison would think about this photo? Perhaps, "Did we do that!?" Well, maybe more like, "Are we to think, after scores of decades, that such an image exists as a result of the efforts of our … [Continue reading]

Columbia, S.C.: “We Don’t Boom, But We Don’t Bust.”

It seems as though just as I get back from the beach, everyone else starts traveling! Good to be back though.While walking into my office today, I couldn't help but notice the latest volume of Columbia's MLS book. It is HUGE!!! It is almost as big as … [Continue reading]