REAL|TEAM Weekend Instructions…

OK everyone, Jenna and I are off to the beach again. I know the timing is not great, but our friends Jay and Bunni Hicks gave us their Hilton Head condo for the weekend as an awesome wedding present. It’s going to serve as sort of a 2nd honeymoon for us. Yay!!! I’ve only been to HH once, almost 10 years ago…

Again, I know the timing is not great, as the REAL|TEAM has 7 closings scheduled for the 27th and 28th of this month. However, I can’t do much about it as we had to choose a weekend back in March.

I should have wireless connection for the laptop. If I don’t, I still have the Treo for email. If you need something and I can’t respond immediately, you can call Amy at 467.0712 or email As most of you know, Amy sits right in front of me and knows everything that is going on with your deal. Furthermore, if you want to see a house, Amy or Caroline Milliken (422.1993 – cmilliken@cbunited) can pop a house open for you.

Thanks to everyone! Can anyone suggest good spots to eat, hang out and play golf?


  1. Eats – Sage Room @ Shipyard, Antonio’s @ Wexford, Red Fish, 211 Park, Charlie’s Le Etouille Verte, Old Fort Pub

    Golf – Colleton River, Berkley Hall, Indigo Run, Harbour Town

  2. Franklin

    My favorite restaurant at HHI is Red Fish, which is up near the traffic circle going towards the connector. Try thelobster mac and cheese. DO NOT under any circumstances go to CQs in Harbor Town. It is way nasty! Have fun and lets do lunch sometime soon

  3. Obvious choice in HHI

    Acoustic music, drinks, harbour… brainer.


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