Headed to Athens…

We’re headed to UGA!

Amazingly, since ’91 (my freshman year) this is only my 3rd road trip to watch the Gamecocks play. I have been to Tennessee twice. The first time, USC took the Vols to the limit, only to lose in overtime with a touchdown pass right in front of the Gamecock section. If anyone remembers, the punter was the MVP. It was because of this one dude’s lucky (probably very skilled) punts, that field position killed us. Last year, we brought home a victory. It was pretty much unreal. UT fans were shocked.

UT has a great atmosphere. Carolina fans pretty much hang out at Calhoun’s until its time to make the walk to the stadium that seats 100,000+.

I’ve heard that USC v UGA is a great experience, too. I’ve also heard many times that Georgia has incredibly obnoxious fans. We’ll see!!! Any suggestions?

Don’t think I won’t be looking for condo’s and parking space opportunities, or other good ideas to bring to William’s-Brice!

See you on Monday!

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