My Heart Is So Full. #REDDay2022!

What an amazing day!

Thursday was Keller William’s national, “RED Day!”

What is RED Day, you ask? “Introduced in 2009, RED Day, which stands for Renew, Energize and Donate, is Keller Williams Realty’s annual day of service. Each year on the second Thursday of May, associates celebrate Mo Anderson’s birthday by spending the day away from their businesses serving worthy organizations and causes in their communities. RED Day is just another example of our commitment to each other and to the cities and towns where we live and work. Join us!”

Mo Anderson is one of the Grand-Poobahs of Keller Williams Realty International. While her official title is Vice-Chairman of the Board, her aka is the “Velvet Hammer.” I’ve seen her in action at various events, and the name fits. She’s also the author of,  A Joy Filled Life: Lessons From A Tenant Farmer’s DaughterShe’s also hilarious. Oh yeah, and she doesn’t like cussing. :-O

I’m proud to be associated with Keller Williams Realty. The Realtors, leadership staff, and vendor partners work hours accomplishing various projects each year. The year, Keller Williams Palmetto turned out a big showing at Epworth Children’s Home @ Downtown Columbia, SC!

I want to recognize the hard work of this awesome KW office. I love this company and all of what Mo Anderson helped create.

The photo above is of the after-party, hosted by @Za’s Brick Oven Pizza on Devine St.

More pics OTW, for sure!

Special shout out to Penny Broach and Eric Tucker for leading KWPalmetto to an awesome and impactful KW RED Day!

This is an amazing company and organization.

Thank you!!!
Franklin Jones


King’s Grant, Columbia, SC – $248.64/Ft.

Of the thousands of homes we’ve sold, some are just memorable. Thinking back, this may be the 5th time someone on the team has represented either the buyer or seller of this awesome house. Without doing research, years ago I think my journey with 31 Foot Point started at 810K, then 975K, and as of last week we landed at 1.1M, representing both buyers and sellers along the way, with Meghan Hesley representing the sellers, most recently.

While the paragraph above is a great story for The Neighborhood Company, the bigger picture is about King’s Grant. 31 Foot Point just popped $250ish/Ft. $1,100,000.00 / 4,424 sq.ft. = $248.64

As KG neighbors read this they’ll be sure to wonder, “Can I get this for my house?” The answer is, “No. Yes. Maybe.” The point of the post is not to brag or to coach you to “cash out,” but to make readers aware that this comp is “CLOSED” and available to all banks/lenders/appraisers to anyone that may be interested in selling and/or seeing what they can get for their house in King’s Grant Neighborhood.

Remember too, that the square footage of a house is far from the only factor in deciphering its value. It just happens to be what people in this market like to discuss first.

Over the years I’ve been criticized a few times for listing a house for too much money. Insert my theory, “If you don’t try to raise the bar, then how can home values in a neighborhood ever rise?” Translation – I’m not scared to ‘go for it’ (and neither was this seller).

If any of my KG Neighbors would like to know the money you may be able to get for your house, ring/text me at 803-447-8683 or DM on FB and we can share what we know.

Congratulations to all of the buyers and sellers of 31 Foot Point over the years! It’s an awesome house and obviously punches a lot of buttons!

Franklin Jones

Your $60,000,000. Neighborhood Co.

I can’t describe through this keyboard how happy and proud I am to show you the image above. If you’re into real estate, click the pic and check it out. #LoveIt!

Of the $60 Million in real estate sales volume, the six circle medals in the photo are the level each person on the team reached during 2021. The six triangle medals from Keller Williams International represent where we landed as a team within the company, respectively (Triple Platinum is over 1.5M GCI).

As you and I well know, this volume of sales does not happen without extreme professionalism, partnerships, vendors, and straight-up love and effort for our clients who trust our team to make things happen.

Of all of the gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds in the photo, the most fulfilling facet for me, personally, is that every REALTOR on our team qualified to be recognized for their individual sales results combined with their involvement within our local professional organization, The Central Carolina’s REALTOR Association. All of us. (Mine is the glass one that is upside down).

If you think you or anyone you know would like to talk about joining the team or have a conversation about a career in real estate sales, please reach out to me at 803-447-8683 or Keller Williams has a real estate school and we have scholarships available. Click on this link if you would like to know more.

Congratulations, Elizabeth W. Ross, Sarah Penn, Liz Black Fischer, Elizabeth Laffitte, Meghan S. Hesley…and Amy Ackerman Cartin for holding it all together!!!

Huge thanks to everyone, and thank you for being part of the best real estate network in SC!!!

Franklin Jones

“Starting Back With A Bang,” Liz

We are beyond excited about the recent sale by Liz Black Fischer. Yes, it’s an amazing house and property, as you can see. That said, her post on IG and FB, “Starting back with a bang,” is a big deal.

As many of you know (and some readers don’t), Liz lost her husband to complications due to Covid-19 and is now a single mother of their beautiful baby Gia. Liz started 2021 in a big way, personally and professionally, when life and death were happening at the same time last summer.

Fast forward to her hard work to get this Lake Murray/Chapin stunner closed this week! We’re glad she’s back and ready to help her buyer and seller clients achieve their real estate goals in 2022 and forward!

Congratulations to Liz’s clients on the purchase of their new home, and to Liz for being back to who she has become in our industry!

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

Happy KW Anniversary To Us! WOW!

February is the anniversary date for The Neighborhood Company at Keller Williams Realty so I thought I would share what has happened along the way.

In the beginning, we all sat around a conference table at various offices in Downtown Columbia. Special shout out to Charlie Mather at The Mather Company and David Terrell @ Golden Gate Mortgage for the hospitality! Those were fun times!

Three years ago, we were awarded the opportunity to open a franchise. Here’s the tale of the tape for Keller Williams Palmetto 2021 including Sumter and Orangeburg. (Note – These are the KW Palmetto brokerage numbers, not The Neighborhood Co. team stats. That is for a later post).

  • Units Closed – 1,370  (Ranked #4 Brokerage in the Midlands)
  • Volume Closed – $348,497,779.  (Ranked #4 Brokerage in the Midlands)
  • Number of REALTORS working at KW Palmetto – 149
  • Profit Share Paid To REALTORS (voluntary 2nd income opportunity KW provides)- $71,982.

This is pretty amazing considering this brokerage is only 3 years old!

If you or someone you know would like to talk about a career in real estate, please call/text 803-447-8683 or email and for those that are hesitant because school is too expensive, it’s not anymore! KW now has its own real estate school partnership and full scholarships are available! Check it out!

We are changing lives through real estate at KW Palmetto, and we would like to talk to you about changing yours, too!

Thank you!

Franklin Jones



Happy New Year, Neighborhoods!

Merry Christmas @Neighborhood!

JLC After Party! = Band! = Let’s GO!

For the first time I’ve been involved with Junior League of Columbia (over 20 years), the Holiday Market’s fancy party isn’t on a Wednesday, it’s now on FRIDAAAAY!!

If this is your first time attending the Junior League of Columbia’s Holiday Market Preview Party, or haven’t heard yet, a bunch of us head to Za’s Brick Oven Pizza on Devine St. to celebrate with a super fun, ‘After-Party!’ Everyone knows Za’s (half of us probably met at Za’s!) and everyone loves a stress-free after-party. BOOM – #WinWin

If you remember, ever since Dianne’s on Devine decided to close her doors the After Party had nowhere to go. A few years went by when the owners of Za’s Brick Oven Pizza asked if we would help bring the good time to their place. It was the damn hit of the year. Fast forward to today and it looks like we have a new tradition…

We all have a BIG TIME at the fancy, dress-up event, for sure, but some of the best memories are made at the annual late nighter!

Is attending Preview Party a prerequisite for the after-party? Heck, no…who cares?!! Come on!

We’ll see you Fri. night (Dec. 3) at Za’s hanging out with friends, laughing hard, and dancing to live music starting whenever you get there.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

Free Tickets to Holiday Market’s LNO!

It’s JLC Holiday Market week!

To kick things off, I’m giving away tickets to the super popular Ladies Night Out!

As I was driving to work, I thought of why some people don’t attend LNO. The reason is “I don’t have a ticket,” of course (This event sells out in a few hours every year). Another reason I hear from people that have an opportunity for a ticket a few days from the event is, “I don’t know if any of my friends have a ticket and I don’t want to go alone.”

Soooo… get over that objection, we are giving the tickets away in pairs!

That said, check out the instructions below that Clara put on Facebook and IG.

Hope you win… and grab a buddy!

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

It’s JLC Holiday Market Time‼
Win tickets for you and a friend to the SOLD OUT Junior League of Columbia, Inc. Holiday Market Ladies Night Out 🤩‼
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3. Share this post‼
5 winners will be announced on Wednesday, Dec 1 at 12pm‼
See You At The Market‼

Vote Daniel Rickenmann For Mayor!

Let’s get out and vote for Daniel Rickenmann!

I’ll keep this short. Remember, MoMo’s Bistro on Devine? Remember The Filling Station? Remember the super popular Bird’s On A Wire (especially when it was where Burger 77 is now)? That’s Daniel Rickenmann!

Daniel has been an entrepreneur his whole adult life and provided lots of jobs throughout the years and his amazingly awesome wife has been my kid’s pediatrician since our first was born.

Daniel, Laura, Jennifer, and I have been friends for years and I’ve always enjoyed their company. Daniel is a doer with vision and if we’re going to keep pace with our neighbors, Greenville/Charleston/Charlotte, Daniel is the best candidate, IMO, to get us there.

I typed that I would keep it short so Let’s Go Vote For Daniel for Mayor of Columbia, SC!

Thank you!

Franklin Jones