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Today will mark another milestone day in the story of our team. Today is the day we announce that we are joining the all-inclusive real estate platform that includes some of the best REALTORS, teams, leaders, admins, and overall culture in the industry, Livian. The Neighborhood Co. will officially become business partners with Adam Hergenrother in Vermont and the most influential person in real estate, Gary Keller, to form Livian SC.

Here’s the scene – I was in Anaheim, CA at our annual KW convention we call “Family Reunion.” Outside of a doorway in a giant hall stood Vanessa Pollock of Pollock Properties Group out of Short Hills, NJ. She was standing by herself waiting for the next class to start, whereby she would soon be on stage teaching. I approached Vanessa (if you know me, you’re aware that I have no problem with this), and said, “Hey Vanessa. My name is Franklin Jones and I have a team and started a KW franchise in Columbia, SC. I think you’re awesome and I have something for you.” She looked at me and reached out her hands as if I was going to put a little songbird in them. I gave her a domino with my name on it. I said, “When I find or run into someone extraordinary and would like to get to know them and potentially work with them, instead of a business card, I hand them a domino.” I went on to explain that when I hand out the domino the recipient asks, “What’s this?” I reply, “That’s your lead domino.” They reply, “What’s my lead domino?” My response is, “That’s what we need to find out, together.” Then I text them The ONE Thing podcast or send them The ONE Thing book written by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan and the dialogue grows from there.

I went on to tell her how impressed I am with her and that I see her as one of the keepers of the KW culture and that she blows me away with her generosity and demeanor. Her response was, “Well I’m blown away right now!”

I returned to Columbia, and the next thing I know our Director of Action & Ops, Clara Humberg, and I are on Zooms with Joe Zimmerman out of Chicago and David Lewis who recently partnered with The Peters Company and Team Kimberley in Atlanta, GA to become Livian Legacy Group.

Fast forward to today, and here we are.

Why Livian, you ask? Partnering with an all-in-one real estate platform like Livian, gives us the bandwidth to do some things only the largest companies can do. We can now provide health insurance options to teammates along with 401K and other benefits. More lead generation opportunities for far less money. Title insurance opportunities for those who qualify. Support for the leadership of the team. Support for the REALTORS on the team and our “vertical.” Proprietary artificial intelligence inside sales agent (ISA). Training and onboarding for REALTORS in any stage of their business. The list is limitless and powerful.

That all said, and for a myriad of other reasons, if you or anyone you know would like to talk about joining The Neighborhood Co. | LivianSC team, or would like to know more about joining Livian without directly joining the team please raise your hand! My number is 803-447-8683 and my email is Franklin@TheNeighborhoodRE.com !

Qualifying for this opportunity with other mega agents and being able to partner with all of these fine people will allow The Neighborhood Co. | Livian SC to grow better and stronger which means we can change more lives through real estate and provide better service and value to our clients and teammates.

BTW, what’s your lead domino?

Livian – Love How You Live.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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