For us, this trip is more important than lunch…

Wherever we are, every afternoon I round up the team for our daily drive to purchase this legal drug. My personal orders are Venti coffee with room, or Iced Venti Americano with room, please.” Many times we plan our afternoons around it. More often than not, we hit the 5 Points store. If we are heading to Lexington, we hit Gervais St. If we are showing or listing a house in the Northeast, we stop at Trenholm Plaza to load up for the trip.

However, if I am at the office, it’s a pain to have to get in the car for such a small trip. There must be a better way!!!

I’m sure that this awesome service does not exist in Columbia, but it sure would be cool!!


  1. This post is an understatement of how much this legal drug means to FJ. If a morning or afternoon goes by without his coffee on a coaster by his computer or one in the cupholder of his car…a Starbucks run will be made VERY soon!

  2. Anonymous says

    this relates nothing to coffee but what do you feel the average/$perfoot for 3000ft in shandon would be?

  3. Anonymous says

    LAZY ASS, Get in your car and get some coffee. There are children starving in this world and you’re complaining about driving to get coffee.

  4. Curly,

    Your are right, sista’!!!! When are you coming back from the beach to ride with me???

    P.S. The closest Starbucks to you is in the lobby of Litchfield By The Sea…

  5. anonymous,

    Hang on, I’m not on MLS at the moment. Prices are all over the board right now. There are some great houses out there mixed with some real junkers. The “average” price may not help you too much. If you are a potential seller, tell me about the materials in your kitchen and baths, and I can help you a little more.

  6. anonymous,

    What a poopie-head!

    I know it’s a lazy thought to have a coffee delivered. I just think it would be convenient, and just plain out AWESOME!

    I am using the dry cleaner’s delivery service, and LOVE IT so far.

    It would also be pretty great if someone would drop by daily and put about $15.00 worth of gas in the car. How bout that???!!! 🙂

  7. forge ahead says

    Did you really just use the word “poopie head” ? Sweeeet ! Please God do not start a Starbucks delivery service, as it already is costing meclose to $1000 per year for my wife’s addiction…that’s right $1k for freaking coffee (and that’s not a venti either, just grande). Think about it, that’s three USC season football tickets spent on coffee. Personally I think the coffee @ Dunkin Doughnuts is much better and has even been called “liquid crack”

  8. Forge Ahead,

    You must have read, “The Latte Factor,” one too many times!!!!!!

    I have to say, I was a Dunkin Donuts coffee man for a while. Their coffee is more “milkshake style.” Mmmmmmmm…… However, now that I’m a Starbucks man, I’m sure there is no turning back. We’ll see.

    Now, speaking of deliveries. When are you going to deliver your old grill to my house????!!!! We are going on about a month now, no?

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