Welcome To Our New Blog Home!

Well, hey there! Sorry for the (huge, I’m still learning how to drive this WordPress thing) profile style pic, but given the subject matter, I couldn’t think of anything else to put up there.

If all goes as planned, tonight will be my last post on the Blogger product.  If my project manager pulls this post to the new site, it’ll also be the first post you see on the new blog.

To be honest, like a buyer to a new home, this is a bittersweet move. This was one of the first real estate blogs in Columbia, and may be the oldest as most Realtors have long since terminated theirs. Further, it’s given me an outlet to expand on thoughts about whatever I could think of from midnight until around 2AM, three days a week since 2007.

I’ve typed about everything from local and national politics, USC/Clemson, The Junior League of Columbia, TV shows, holidays, the invention of sweet tea elixers, beach trips, clever stuff, dumb crap, Columbia neighborhoods, my wife, my daughter, my late wife, and all things in between.

As time consuming as a blog can be, I’m 100% certain it’s produced results. Further, it’s provided a major platform to develop our brand of real estate.

While I hate for this post to seem dramatic, I can’t tell you how many hours have gone into this thing. Typing, moving commas, choosing pictures, changing pictures, setting up links, proofreading, and on and on. Thinking on it a minute, the blog may be the most time consuming part of my entire business. Hmmm..

As I’ve typed before, the new platform will provide more tech options and provide a Google boost.

So, with that, here goes. If you’ve been visiting via www.franklinjonesrealteam.blogspot.com or have this as part of your “favorites,” I first need to, “Thank You!”  Second, if you’d like to keep on reading about what we’re doing, it’s time to go directly to www.TeamFranklin.com .

Hopefully this will be a smooth transition. We switched the URL feed on GoDaddy.com earlier this afternoon. Either way, whether you’re a regular reader or occasionally find us on Google, I’ll see you on the other side.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones
Your Realtor

P.S.  If you’re confused about the context of this post, I typed this as a farewell from my former Blogger site and pulled it over to this one.

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