Wedding Brings Friends to Low Country

Blair & Sabrina Herbert Married in Perfect SC Setting
On Saturday Jenna and her friends returned home from an awesome trip to the Bahamas. While the other seven women got to sleep in their own beds that night, my wife was scooped up and taken to the Lowcountry for some different kind of coastal fun.
Blair Herbert, a good buddy of mine from Anderson, SC, became a married man in front of a picturesque creekfront backdrop at a private home in Awendaw. No doubt, this address provided an awesome setting for a wedding. I snapped the first picture above at the very beginning of The Lord’s Prayer. I wouldn’t usually have the guts to do this but since we were outdoors I pulled the trigger hoping like heck my phone wouldn’t make too loud of a click.
Congratulations to Blair and his gorgeous wife Sabrina. The entire weekend’s events were well thought out and executed. A good time was definitely had by all.
As for my sweet wife, she was so glad to be there even though it meant another day away from our sweet baby. We were flattered to be included and glad we were able to attend. It was awesome to see such a happy couple and the venue made it even better.
Have a great time in Italy, Blair and Sabrina!

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