Pressure & Soft Wash @Columbia, SC!

Heads up to everyone as I want to introduce blog readers and clients to a business that I’d like to endorse and tell you about.

If you want or need pressure or soft washing services, or a deck or fence stained I’d invite you to contact, Steelman Ketchum, owner, and operator of Water Worx Pros.

I know Steelman well and know his work, too. He is proud of his craft, he’s client-centric, and has the top of the line equipment (#ItsPrettyBadass) for every job, large or small, to give your property its best look: Sharp, shined, & polished.

I can’t put enough photos of his “before & afters” on this post to give you a good visual, but you can get a good snapshot of his work HERE & on his IG page HERE. (I took the photo above of the King’s Grant tennis courts as the solution was doing its magic to courts 3 & 4.

That all said, if you or anyone you know is interested in an amazing, eye-popping outdoor wash, shoot him a text at 803-351-1820 or pop me @ 803-447-8683 and I’ll tell you what I know.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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