USC Fans Are Great; This Guy Sucks

ESPN Catches This Dude In Low Class Video (Saw this Pic on FitsNews)

We love our Gamecocks, and we know we’re in the best class in the country (SEC).

Having said that, this dude has ZERO class as the N.C. State quarterback, is wheeled out of Williams-Brice.

Hey fella, how’s the view from the cheap seats? If you think you’re man enough to put on the battle bonnet, and go toe to toe with supreme athletes in front of 80,000 fans, get on it. Otherwise, keep your fingers to yourself.

I know you want to be Jordan and Tiger, and step on opponents throats, but this isn’t the way to do it. We may not be the “class” of the football world (yet), but we’d at least like to be considered a classy football family.

I guess you were crunk up. Who knows? Next time you see a guy wheeled off in a stretcher, don’t flick him off.

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