UA Brand Had A Really Big Golf Day.

UnderArmourJordanSpeithIt’s obvious that pretty much everyone was watching The Masters Sunday afternoon/evening. Jordan Spieth put on a big show, for sure. Did some folks want to see Tiger a little further up the leaderboard for drama? Maybe.

While the golf was great and the scenery was stellar, I couldn’t help but think about how far and broad the Under Armour brand has projected itself. About right now many of you are saying, “Well, DuuuUH!!!”

Here’s what I’m getting at. Before I entered the real estate industry I designed a new product. It was a “decorative” mailbox flag. You may have seen them around your neighborhood, or may even have one on your mailbox. Simply put, it replaced the regular red rotating mailbox flag with a garnet or orange Palmetto tree design, or Georgia “G”, or whatever you wanted. Anyway, at the time, I was all about new designs and inventions, and around the time I was distributing this hot product, a cool new company hit the scene called “Under Armour.”

Fast forward a few months, and skipping a lot of the story, I emailed Under Armour directly. Since the mailbox flag idea worked out so well, my life mantra had largely become, “I never want to miss an opportunity in the name of silence.” My plan was to market this new wicking fabric to men’s stores and golf shops around the Southeast. After all, I have hyperhidrosis (sp?), the product felt great, and looked cool. In short, I knew it was a winner.

The response I received from the company was something to the effect of, “Dear Mr. Jones…Thank you, we understand… thank you…We are going to continue to brand, focus, and market our product to the hard core athlete. Thank you, Under Armour.”  I dropped the idea.

Fast forward to Sunday and Under Armour is in bazillions of men’s stores and golf shops, and is now wicking sweat behind the Green Jacket of the newest winner of The Masters. Well done.

While tailgating some years ago, one of my friends made the missed opportunity even worse. We were at The Coop, and it was the first time he’d worn a shirt (golf style shirt, mind you) made by Under Armour. He yelled out to the top of his lungs, “I WANT A SUIT MADE OUT OF THIS S&%#!!!” He doesn’t know it, but I just took a deep breath and said, “Thanks, Cliff.”

Oh well! Perhaps I should change my thinking from, “Don’t lose out because of silence…,” to, “Maybe I should make more NOISE!!!!”

Congrats to Mr. Jordan Spieth and to the Under Armour brand, and the person who has the account for the Southeast!   🙂

Franklin Jones

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