Two Winning Brands Open @Columbia.

ScoutandMollyEggsUpGrillNightOn Monday morning two new storefronts will open their doors to Columbia residents.

Scout & Molly’s is located at super popular Trenholm Plaza, in Forest Acres. The store is adjacent to Tazza Kitchen and as most readers know, if there was ever a good spot for parking at this Edens Retail Center, the Tazza corner is it!

After showing a house on Saturday morning, I decided to knock on Scout & Molly’s door before I headed home. My buddy, Michael Gunn, slowly answered the door and of course welcomed me in. I was impressed! This store has a first-class interior and (as far as I could tell) a fun-looking inventory. I’m proud of our friend, Amanda Mott, for her hard work to open Monday and for bringing this label to Columbia. Scout & Molly – Style Unleashed is here…

A couple of miles away is the Grand Opening of Eggs Up Grill-Columbia! If you’ve ever been to Litchfield, you’re sure to know this restaurant. That said, given this concept, combined with Drew Hampton’s work ethic and premiere style of customer service, I would be surprised if it doesn’t become theĀ #1 producing store in the Eggs Up network. #NotKidding. I’m sure many stories will be told and business deals will be made in the booths at the new Eggs Up store on Devine Street. I’m ready for both!

I’m glad that Columbia has added two more awesome brands to the landscape. What makes me even happier is to see two friends use their entrepreneurial spirits to expand their style/game to Downtown Columbia and provide our community with excellent products and service.

Congratulations to Amanda Mott, and ‘Well Done!’ (haha) to Drew Hampton!

Your friend,


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