Two Sides @ Every Real Estate Deal…

The pics above are a quick collage of what Amanda and I presently have Under Contract, in downtown Columbia, SC. Scrolling through, you may be curious as to why I chose these particular homes to blog about. Here’s the easy answer…. This collection of homes is a good/quick snapshot of where we represent the BUYER.

No question, we have a lot of signs in Columbia and proud of our market presence. That said, I feel compelled to convey that we represent Buyers, just as hard as Sellers.

“Listing” Realtors get a ton of credit for their listings that pop (sell), but the public never realizes the Realtors that bring Buyer’s to a transaction. Sometimes Realtors that prefer to focus on Buyers exclusively don’t get the credit they deserve, as drive-by traffic only sees the Listing Realtors sign in the yard, while never realizing who actually brought the qualified Buyer.

I suppose this enigma won’t change anytime soon, as if Buyer’s agents were interested in personal marketing/PR, they’d focus more on Sellers and market “presence.” Neither way is better, BTW, as most Realtors simply find their comfort zone or niche, and go with it. This all typed, given the amount of Sellers we represent, think of all the Buyers this, in theory, morphes into.

I simply posted the pics above to solidify we proudly represent both (Buyers & Sellers), and work ragingly hard no matter what side of the transaction we’re charged.


  1. I like this houses. They are so nice and I think it is safe to stay.

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