This Week Starts A Little Off Routine

As many of you know, it’s not often I get thrown off my routine. For instance, it’s Sunday night, and I’m typing from a hotel in Tampa, Florida, 500’ish miles from my routine. Yeeesh!!

Last Friday, my brother and I packed up the car and made our way South to a cousin’s wedding. As the wedding wasn’t until Sunday night, we had plenty of time to make our way to Florida. Given the extra time, we spent the first night in Jacksonville, Fla and enjoyed a stellar view of the river and skyline.

Once we arrived in Tampa, we quickly learned it’s a pretty cool city. Since it’s our first visit here, however, we’re just getting our bearings and not able to take advantage of all Tampa has to offer. Next time we’ll know, “what’s what.” Rest assured, there are plenty of Starbucks stores here!!!

Tomorrow morning, Michael and I will load up and cruise the purple line in the pic above. We’ll be back @FamouslyHot, ASAP!!!

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