Quack! Duck Man Ruffled Some Feathers.

PhilHere’s the thing. I work under the label of Coldwell Banker United, REALTORS, a subsidiary of Coldwell Banker Real Estate, Inc. While I’m an independent contractor, and “1099’d,” I must work within their guidelines. I actually signed up for this gig, willingly. As a parallel, I couldn’t have said 10% of what Phil Robertson said without getting fired. Shoot, I wouldn’t/couldn’t say these things to a single buyer while showing a home in Shandon, much less to a worldwide publication.

I’ve watched as many Duck Dynasty episodes as anyone. I stay up until 2 or 3AM every night, many times watching reruns of the show while I work and blog. Obviously, it’s a fun show and I like it a lot. I’m actually watching Si ride his scooter alongside Willie’s truck as I type.

Today I’ve read a ton about free speech regarding Phil’s interview. Interestingly it’s from the folks who fight the same amendment when other issues come about. If Eminem puts out a lyric, it’s gross and inappropriate. If Miley Cyrus licks a sledgehammer, it’s grody and should be removed. Well? The difference here may be who they work for. One employer may accept the antics/comments, and one doesn’t. In short, it’s the employer’s call. If Phil wants to go all Braveheart on A&E, good for him. That’s his right.  On the flip side….here we are.

Without going too far into it, what I’m getting at, is if you work for someone…you work for someone. If Phil wants to start his own network or sign with another, that’s one thing. If he wants to stay with A&E, he and his fans may need to remember that it’s A&E’s rules. While “freedom of speech” is part of America, so is the “This is my company,” as well as the employer/employee relationship. If I’m a Chevy dealer, it’s Chevy’s world. If I’m an insurance salesman, I live by my ‘carrier’s’ guidelines.

I’m a REALTOR with Coldwell Banker, therefore I work under Coldwell Banker’s/REALOGY’s, and the REALTOR Association’s bylaws and guidelines.

All the sudden we have the, “Well I thought this was reality TV. This is his reality” argument. Well, he was suspended for an outside interview, not for something he said on A&E’s channel.

Again, I’m probably going to watch Duck Dynasty as long as it’s entertaining. I get that Phil had an interview and simply spoke his mind. Well, sometimes it’s just not that easy.

In the words made famous by Phil Robertson, “He gone…”

In the almost immortal words of Uncle Si, “This is America, Jack. Hey.”

Yes it is…”Hey.”

I happen to think Phil and Duck Dynasty will survive one way or another. Either way, it will be by the grace of A&E (or another network), not because of any 1st amendment talk.


Disclaimer: I’m not taking sides, I’m just saying folks that work for other folks just can’t say such explicit stuff without expecting employers to pay attention.


  1. The Robertsons have MUCH more leverage with A&E than you do with Coldwell Banker.

    • admin_teamfranklin says

      Haha. No question!!, and maybe it will work out for him. I’m just saying it’s a business relationship thing, not a 1st amendment thing.

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