Things That Make Ya Go, “?.”

Today the whole team went to preview a home in the popular Forest Hills Neighborhood in Downtown Columbia. The pics above are what we found in the guest bathroom.

I stopped and stared. I guess that’s the point.

If you know me, you’re cognizant that I kinda don’t mix toilets and real estate. As in, I ask Amy, when possible, not to include pics of toilets as part of our listing photography. When I’m showing a house, or holding an open house, I will go around and close toilet seats and water closets if applicable.

That all said, it gave me zero pride to snap the pics above at what we found today. I did it anyway. As I typed above, I was taken aback by it and therefore thought some folks may find this interesting.

I wondered, “Why would someone have this?” Was it an, “I piss excellence,” line of thinking? Was it a Donald Trump I’d like to sit on money thing? Was it, in a weird way, their ‘throne?’ Government hatin’ militia, perhaps?

When I would hang around Santee Motor Company in Manning, I sometimes heard the phrase, “Franklin, there’s an ass for every seat.” Translation: Just because you don’t like a certain car model doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t.

Well, here we are. I guess there’s an ass for every seat.

The yellow translucent(ness) reminded me of the amber fossilized bug photos we saw in school textbooks.

Turns out it’s apparently just a creative Lucite resin transparent item with a money design. Here’s this and this.

There ya go! In case you ever see one of these, now you know.


Franklin Jones

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