Ole’ Mike here, has written himself a song. It’s called “Please Don’t Vote For a Democrat.” He’s got a neat website to go along with it, and paid for a billboard complete with the fire filled World Trade Center. Yeah, it’s sooo cool. He’s even made it so that you can order his new song, for about $5.00. You will get the CD in 1 – 3 weeks.

I admire this man from St. Cloud, for being passionate about America. But I gotta tell ya, this is the kind of stuff that makes for such a divisive atmosphere…no matter what party you prefer.

I don’t know if he thinks he’s got a big hit, or if he thinks he’s going to make a pile of money. Either way, I hope he didn’t spend TOO much time playin‘ his guitar on top of his barn, to get it JUUUUST right.

Awful disgrace at worst, 15 minutes of fame at best. Worth it, Mike?


  1. What a moron! I agree, regardless what party you belong too it’s these type of wedge issues that drive people apart…thank you Karl Rove you pompous, lying, cheating ass of a person who deserves to fry at Gitmo

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