The Pink Turkey Loves To Eat Her Feet

If you’ve been around me lately you’re aware that I’ve affectionately nicknamed Finley “My Pink Turkey.” Throw in some southern accent with a tinch of exaggeration and “Pank Toorkie” is a more accurate description.

Finleys constantly pulling her feet up so she can suck on her toes. When she’s all wet from a bath she swings those feet up and I swear she looks like a shiny pink, slick Butterball turkey. It’s pretty funny.

Next time we have a bath I’ll try to snap a better image of the whole situation. It can be quite a sight.

As all new parents we’re having a big time with our sweetheart. Before we had a name for her I went around town calling her “Twitter” but right now she’s daddy’s little “Pink Turkey.”

These are good times… 🙂

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