Haulin’ Our Cuties Around…

GolfCartOne of the perks of being a Realtor is that sometimes I’m privy to info/deals that I wouldn’t otherwise know about. That said, as we were being interviewed I stumbled across this golf cart just sitting in a homeowners garage. #Score!

Turns out this seller’s daughter graduated from high school last year, and therefore had no use for this cart for trips to their neighborhood pool. In short, it was sitting in his garage with no where to go. BOOM. Last Saturday I had it delivered to the house and the result is the pic above.

I never wanted or needed a cart with brush guards, muddin’ tires, and/or running boards. Stretch as it is, I got this sled for what 10 year old good golf course carts are selling for. We kinda look like a clown car bouncin’ around.

Just FYI, golf cart sales are absolutely nutty right now.

Tonight was our maiden voyage with the twins. They (and Finley) LOVED the wind in their hair and the scenery as we toured around the neighborhood.

Thanks for letting me share pics of our girls!


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