“The Duplex,” in Anderson: Fun Home

My brother, Michael, and I decided Sunday would be a good time to head to Anderson, SC, and visit mom while she’s in the hospital. For now, I’ll refrain from typing about moms condition. I’ll report, however, she’s one tough human, and that she’s battling and recovering from a plethora of some very painful conditions.

On the way back to Columbia, I asked Michael if he minded if we rode by, “the duplex.” The duplex, as I refer to it, is 1124 Springdale Rd. This is where we grew up.

As Michael trolled down the hill of Springdale Rd., I asked him to slow down, where we eventually came to a stop. As I raised my iPhone to snap a pic, we joked that I probably looked like a foreclosure agent, or an appraiser and may get a bat to the head from a confused owner. Still, we stopped, and I got out of the car to take a few more pictures.

This was a great house to grow up in, to be sure. While we didn’t have hardwoods, granite tops, or even the wonders of air conditioning, we had a lot of memorable moments. The more I look at the picture above, I can’t help but remember my friend Randy Heritage (sadly, deceased) and I coating that big ars deck with Thompson’s Water Seal. Ugh!! That was not a good weekend! Twenty+ years later, it’s a great memory.

I have no idea why I stood in the road so long to reminisce about our days on Springdale. Perhaps because I now have a two year old, and sought to recreate it…or “better” it? Who knows? I’m sure my brother was thinking, “What is he doing??” Either way, I’m glad we cruised by the old duplex, as it served as a fine HOME for the four/five of us.

Next step?…..”Provisional Year” (PY), at USC. More fun times!

What does this have to do with a real estate blog, or our practice? Not much, I suppose. This said, “The duplex” is part of what we did this weekend, and sticking in my head…so I thought I’d type about it.

P.S. Mom is experiencing some difficulities, and in terrible pain. However, she’s recovering the best she can…

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