The 5 Lowest Priced Homes in Shandon

As I was pulling comps for a new listing, I realized we’ve had the five lowest priced listings in all of Shandon over the last few months. I know…I know, there’s only three pictures above but the gray house on the 2500 block of Shandon is now closed and we haven’t snapped a photo of our Burney Dr. yet.
I knew we had a good thing going in Shandon but I had no idea that we had every single listing from 199,900 and 229,000. Pretty cool…
All these listings have their own attributes and charm. Some of the listings have great kitchens and some have great backyards. Some are ‘creme puff cute’ while one of them definitely needs to be stripped to the studs.
I live in Shandon and have to admit that I ‘work the area’ hard. I believe in the Shandon, Wales Garden, Wheeler Hill areas and am proud to have great listings from 199K to almost 700K.
My next listing will be on Burney Dr. and will have a price tag of $174,900. Be on the lookout!

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