“…Hall Of Fame Headband, Homies.”

DavidRossWednesday afternoon my buddy and stellar real estate closing attorney picked up two other friends/Realtors and me, and hauled us to a Charlotte to catch the NBA basketball game between the Bobcats and Brooklyn Nets.

Last year we saw Charlotte smoke Kevin Garnett’s Celtics (Paul Pierce didn’t play). This year, the Bobcats took Garnett’s (who didn’t play last night) and Paul Pierce’s Nets to OT and squeaked out a win.

While the first three quarters were largely fun and social, the 4th quarter and overtime got pretty intense. The crowd was much more into the game than I anticipated. That said, David Ross, was really into the last two minutes. If you don’t know David, he’s a former Gamecock basketball player and was the uber successful high school coach at Cardinal-Newman. What I’m getting at is, basketball is his thing. It was interesting to watch him impressed by the next level (and sometimes unimpressed), and listen to his side comments as plays and shots were happening.

After the game NBA star player, Paul Pierce, pulled his headband off his head, stretched it out, and shot it into the stands. The thing was coming right to me and was about a foot from my cupped hands. All the sudden I see a giant paw snatch the thing out of the air. David put that thing in is pocket like a magic trick.

As we all left the building David was like a big kid. He put that sweaty thing on his head like he was about to go in a game, and wore it to wherever we went next. As he strutted around the arena, “Championship ring(s), NBA Finals player, “The Truth”…That’s a Hall of Fame headband, homies…” Enter the selfie above. We were glad for his son, and worried for his wife, haha.

We all had a big time! Thank you to David Ross, and a huge thanks to MG&C Real Estate Law for having us.

Wonder if that headband will ever get washed. #HOFDNA


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