Thank You For Having Us, Brennen…

This post may seem a little abnormal, but I feel like some friends are scratching their heads regarding a couple of events Jennifer and I attended lately.

Here’s the stage:  A few weeks ago, Jennifer and I showed up at the “Brennen Auction,” held at The Coop near Williams-Brice Stadium.   Given our little girl is only 2 1/2 years old, and many of our friends know we live in Shandon (Not zoned for Brennen), we received a few, “Hey!! Good to see ya!  What are y’all doing here?”  Not in a mean way at all, but more along the lines of pure curiosity.  I can understand.

Here’s the answer: We attended because a few weeks earlier, a friend and Brennen Bulldog parent texted me late one night, asking if I’d consider becoming a sponsor of the event.  Given who the “requester” was, I texted back, “Of course!”

As we were having a big time (and it was a BIG TIME!!!), Jennifer and I decided to bid on a Cinco de Mayo Party at Tin Roof.   Fast forward to last Saturday, and Sure ‘Nuff!, we were right there with a great group of the Brennen PTO, and family. 

Here’s where I feel the need to clear things up.  Most of my friends are well aware that I’m an advertiser, marketer, and networker.  That said, I never want my Brennen friends to think I was there just because there was a big party.   Quite the contrary, actually.

We wanted to attend to support my wife’s godchild’s school, and because I believe in Brennen Elementary.  Any seasoned downtown Realtor will tell you Brennen is one of downtown Columbia’s most requested schools, and I’m proud to support it.  It’s no secret that Brennen is one of the major facets of why Lake Katherine and King’s Grant are such sought after neighborhoods.

I’d like to thank the Brennen “family” and PTO for making Jennifer and I feel so welcome.  Further, I’d like to congratulate this group for holding such first class events.  It’s no wonder why Brennen Elementary continues to collect state and national accolades.

Thank you, Brennen friends!

PS:  It’s should be noted that a crazy amount of money was raised at the Brennen Auction event.  Congratulations, and well done!

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