“Tear Down These Meters!” Go David!

To Pay County, We Must Pay City Toll. WUT!?

Notice that the picture above, is taken at the only angle that doesn’t show one parking meter.

When I went to pay my taxes in January, I was greeted by nice, shiny red parking meter. I asked the friend with me, “Is there any sort of double taxation here?” He asked me what I was talking about. I explained, “We’re paying the city, for the opportunity to pay the county.” WUT???!!! (Of course its not “double taxation,” because the money for the meter is a “fee, or toll.” Uhh, huh. I’m calling it a “Toll Tax”)

David and I spoke about it for about 20 minutes. I was glad to know, that I was’t the only one that had discussed the matter with him.

It bugged me so much, that I had to blog about it that night. >>Click Here To See Post

Well done Treasurer. >>Click Here to see David’s letter.

We understand, that parking meters are an important component to Columbia’s budget. Having said this, Columbia needs to take the high road on this one.


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