SC Beaming: Gamecocks/Tigers Go Huge

Over the last couple of days Clemson and the USC Gamecocks have played two of the most dramatic games of the entire season football season.

Monday night Clemson played like a team possessed. Some of the passes from Taj Boyd still have my head shaking, and their defense pounded on a big time LSU team. Clemson did everything right. Perhaps the best thing about the victory is that it was the only game of the night, meaning the entire country watched Clemson take out LSU in “primetime.” #recruiting

Fast forward to the Gamecocks. Holy Moly. With that short description, let me skip to what everyone wants to talk about. 1) Michigan’s “first down.” Now, there are subjective actions in sports and there are definitive/conclusive ones. A first down ‘measurement,’ is just that, a measurement (definitive) of a subjective ‘placement’ of the football…at the official’s own speed. This ref blew it badly, but the next play saved his a**.  Enter – 2) Mr. Clowney’s hit. What in the world??? While everyone was still yelling at the ref in their TVs, all the sudden we see a garnet uniform in the Michigan backfield and a helmet flying backwards. Typing can’t do it justice, but here goes: After the snap, Clowney morphed six yards beyond the line of scrimmage when he crushed the humanity out of Michigan’s running back, knocking the young man’s helmet almost 10 more yards backwards. He then, seemingly at his leisure, picked up the loose football with his left hand like it was a Twix bar. I’m not sure I’ve ever jumped off a chair like that when Michael Jordan wasn’t involved.  WoW.

In two days, both teams gave us six hours of BIG TIME entertainment.

Since it’s the end of 2012, I’d love to write about our sales and fun activities of our big year in real estate. That said, given what the Gamecocks and Tigers have done in the last 48 hours, I surely need to give credit where credit is due. After all, they’ve made the entire Palmetto State happy and proud, and that’s hard to beat!


Four USC-Clemson Tickets Available

A few nights ago I noticed one of my friends put four USC/Clemson tickets for sale on Facebook. Thinking as I do, my first inclination was, “OK, I bet some of my friends and/or clients could use these.” On a whim, I tied the tickets up.

As time went on, I thought it might be fun to create a little contest among friends. However, now that it’s Wednesday morning, I need to get these tickets in someone’s hands before everyone disperses for Thanksgiving and the weekend. After all, the last thing I want is for four USC/Clemson tickets to go unused!

This all said, I’m going to use the tickets as a way to do some good. Here’s the rub. Sometime Wednesday morning I’ll link this post to Facebook. The first folks that speak up (comment) can buy the tickets at face value. In turn, I’ll make it such that the money for the tickets goes directly to The Junior League of Columbia. Win/Win/Win!

In an attempt to keep the peace on game day, I need to disclose the seats are in the Gamecock section of the stadium. For obvious reasons it would be ideal if USC fans gobble up the tickets.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

Disclaimer: If I’m doing anything wrong and/or exposing Coldwell Banker or JLC in any way I retract everything I’ve typed, and will just give them away. Thank you!