“Are Those Flowers For You?” “Yep!”

Flowers1The other day I got a very unusual call from the office. While I was on my way in from a Starbucks networking session, the front desk left a message about a package that was left for me in the lobby. A few minutes later, Amy texted that I had a delivery waiting on me.

To make a long story short (and as you can tell from the pic above) someone sent me a big ole’ bouquet of flowers. Was this a little bit unconventional/out of the box? Yes. Was it a present congratulating me on the safe arrival of my twin girls? Yes. Was it an awesome gesture/prize? BIG TIME.

Turns out Amy was right when she said, “Buddy, you’ll never guess.” Sure ’nuff, she was right. The gift was sent from my “Success Manager” who works at one of my biggest vendor partners. Being in the customer service business my first thought was, “Wow.” My second thought? I need to step up my game.

Given I’m surrounded by women all day long, I got a few jabs about my new floral arrangement. Did I care? Nope! Actually, I thought it was an awesome gesture of which I’m extremely thankful.

Huge thanks to Ashley M. and her team in Charleston, SC. Her company is top shelf, and her commitment to making TeamFranklin the best we can be is appreciated beyond what I can type from this keyboard.

Thank You, Ashley!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Franklin Jones

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