“SOLD” Before I Could Blog About ‘Em

More ‘Modern’ Forest Acres Homes Under Contract
Like I wrote last week, if a house is nice and modern inside and has a fair price tag, it has a great shot of procuring an offer/contract. The homes above are two more examples. Both listings above were Under Contract within 2 or 3 days of hitting the market.

The new house at 5500 Sylvan is scheduled to close Friday. It features all the modern amenities like granite slab everywhere, cathedral ceilings, and a swank kitchen & owner’s suite that are rarely seen at this price level. Landscaping and black shutters are on the way.
The features of the listing on Briarwood (interior pics above) aren’t much different. An open plan, great living space, and a tricked out owner’s suite procured an offer in two days.
I feel compelled to mention that both of these Forest Acres homes feed into Satchel Ford Elementary school. As nice as the houses are, this elementary school is a big deal.
Congrats to the sellers and buyers of these two listings. Along with ‘The Flower Box House’ on Forest Drive, these homes are all priced around $250,000. I knew they wouldn’t last long.


  1. $20,000 below the $265,000 sale prince in 2007? Plus commissions?
    And I'm sure additional improvements add to that reduction. As you pointed out the house had already been renovated.

    That's zip appreciation in 4 years.
    Comments? People really need some unvarnished truth about these sales sometimes.

  2. Anonymous,

    You are correct, but there are other details involved. Also, of the four sales I Posted, the “Flower Box” house seems to have been cherry picked.

    Please know that of the homes I Posted about, the two in Forest Acres are fetching between $117/ft and $119/ft. Further, 14 Somerton received a contract while listed at $160/ft. These are all strong numbers.

    Don't fret b/c the “Flower Box” house sold for less $ than a few years ago. The point I was trying to make is, because it's nice, it procured an offer, which more than many homes on the market can report.

    What the public doesn't know is that the “Flower Box” house received two offers in the same weekend, and the lower offer won out b/c of other details.

  3. When will you post again ? Been looking forward to this !

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