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FJLitchfieldRiverFJBeachHairFJTruckPicIf you’re a friend or regular reader of this blog, you’re well aware that I’ve been away for a spell. Sure ’nuff, Jennifer and I took the girls to Litchfield Beach Wednesday night and returned Saturday afternoon.

As I’m with Finley, Ivey, and Nora as they grow, my experiences with them make me grow, too. In short, life isn’t about my dumba**, it’s about theirs. It’s fascinating to learn this as they push me to be a better dad as I realize what’s really what.

As our long beach weekend progressed, a bit of reputation management may be worth a few paragraphs.

I’m going to skip the awesome and fun picture of the girls (all but my buddy, Kennedy) and I piling in the car, and go straight to the dang ‘hair pic.’

First of all, it’s funny. It’s damn funny. Here’s what you don’t see, which makes it better or worse depending on your perspective. What you don’t know is by the time the pic was taken I had missed all shower opportunities, and as my chance appeared, the twins were then asleep in the adjacent room. I decided to wait them out no matter how late in the afternoon (DUH!). The result is a head shot that looks like a lubed-up, bouffanted, and electrocuted sharks a$$. I mean, the next time you see me look like Bruno Mars with the front end of a Kentucky waterfall, please let me know….

What you also don’t know or see is my bleeding feet from pulling the girls around a lazy river. All was calm until I thought it would be fun to have a daddy/daughter moment with the twins, and cruise slowly around the pool. We made it around twice before everyone else saw us and BOOOM, the race was on. As we left the pool I was embarrassed about the red marks I left on the concrete deck on the way out. It’s 2:58AM Monday and after two Sunday afternoon Aleve’s, I’m still sore.

Am I asking anyone to feel sorry for me? Heck NO! It was awesome! Was I a miserable dude eating cheese balls out of a pillow case all weekend? Nope! Do my feet have pieces of skin that look like seven hanging chads? YEES!

Everyone had a big time and we’re always ready to get back to the Litchfield/Pawley’s, and as much as we enjoy watching our girls grow up loving the beach, it’s awesome to be back home in Columbia, SC!

All kidding aside, Mundi’s pic and caption was awesome. I’m just funnin’ around for blog sakes. Beach trips are definitely all about the kids and I love it.

Franklin Jones

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