Smoked Turkey, Easy & Awesome.

TurkeyA few days ago a teammate and I were in conversation about the long weekend coming up. While I always have a hard time being away from the office for more than a weekend or so, I’ve learned that holidays aren’t about what I want to do, they are about the kids and time with the kids. Got it.

Deep thoughts notwithstanding, the deer in headlight moment of the conversation was when she found out that I wasn’t cooking my own turkey. She was stunned. To me this wasn’t a big whoop. After all, if someone can prepare a turkey better than I can and make it convenient at the same time? Win/win.

She still didn’t understand, saying something to the effect of, “I’ve never heard of anyone not making their own turkey. That’s just not how it’s supposed to be.” My answer, “Well since you’re all into how it’s ‘supposed to be’ I can’t wait to see the pic of you trompin’ through the woods, singing turkey songs with a little wooden box, and plucking your turkey after you drag it from the woods. I know a true historian doesn’t drive an SUV with heated seats to a Publix to purchase such a special symbol with a credit card.”

Anyway, after some fun jabbing we dispersed to our families for the long weekend ahead. I picked up our turkey Thanksgiving morning around 10AM, and can report with authority that I could not have prepared a turkey with so much flavor. It was awesome and the whole house had a perfect Thanksgiving aroma.

Big thanks to John Blackmon for providing an awesome turkey!


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