S.C. says “NO” to McCain, 8 Years Ago

Ironcially, Palmetto State Factors Into McCains Fate

I know you’re saying, “What is Franklin talking about!? McCain won South Carolina!!!” I realize this.

The American presidency is not only about great candidates. The best man (person) at the time, often doesn’t win the office. The key word here, is “timing.”

Eight years ago, George W. Bush decided to run for the highest office in the land. In 2000, South Carolina’s republican party chose the governor of Texas, over Senator McCain. We voted for the man we could see ourselves in a fishing boat with, rather than the former POW. In a heated battle, South Carolina was the springboard for George W. Bush, which set the stage that John McCain would never stand on.

Forward eight years later. Love him or despise him, President Bush is the biggest reason Sen. McCain didn’t win this election. Enter, Senator Obama.

As I go though my email and look at my Facebook page, I see all sorts of anti-Obama thoughts. That’s the problem in itself. McCain never had the masses FOR him. Many voters just were AGAINST Obama, which wasn’t enough.

If we’re happy with our eight years of Bush, then great. Having said this, if we really wanted Sen. McCain to be our president, it’s mirror time in South Carolina…eight years removed.

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