Richland 1 Poo Poo’s Memorial Day?

Richland 1 Diluted Our Heroes Efforts Memorial Day
Jenna and I passed Dreher High School on our way to buy more paint rollers today. As I looked to the left of Devine St., I noticed a fleet of school buses leaving Dreher.
As we continued on, I updated my Facebook status asking if today was actually a school day. I thought I had missed something. As the responses started to come in I learned that I had.
I couldn’t believe that Richland One schools actually were in session on Memorial Day. Shame.
I’m not a teacher, student, parent or administrator so I guess I can’t blog with too much authority. Even so, it just felt wrong and ungrateful to know that the good folks listed above couldn’t properly celebrate the efforts of our fallen soldiers.
As a side note I can’t imagine all of the great family time that was missed on the lake or at the beach because families were trapped by today’s school day.
I have to think there is a GREAT reason that our kids were in school Monday. Perhaps it’s just the sheer timing of Memorial Day. Until I hear the reason I’m going to have to at least shake my head.
Richland 1 may have diluted our heroes efforts in the minds of our youth. Our heroes deserve better. I mean…the United States is celebrating the efforts of soldiers that have died in action, as in…killed.
There’s a difference between the road less traveled and the low road. At present, it looks as though Richland 1 went low.


  1. My grandson had to attend school as a make-up day for inclement weather.
    He missed a great afternoon of
    grilling, remembering, and war stories between his grandfather and his uncle.
    School couldn’t possibly have held a greater lesson.

  2. Anonymous says

    you can blame it on Ben Tanner. “if the weatherman is buying a sled you know it it gonna snow”

  3. Anonymous says

    Franklin, when I first moved to Columbia I was horrified by the number of schools and businesses working on Memorial Day. I was told by an old-timer that Memorial Day was a Yankee holiday, that they celebrated Confederate Memorial Day. OUCH!!!!


  4. Anonymous says

    The legislator actually voted to forgive the make up snow day. Richland 1 most not have agreed to forgive it. Lexington 1 was out even though they were to use it a snow make up day for the no snow day in Febuary!!

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