RF’s Loss Is A Big Deal On Many Levels

Open Finals May Be Best Match That Didn’t Happen
Now that college football is in full swing, our Saturday afternoons are guaranteed to be filled with big time TV drama. This past Saturday, however, had even more drama in the form of a springboard for a WORLD CLASS Sunday sporting event… that didn’t happen.

As I was only able to see a few points of the US Open tennis semi-finals, it was still a punch to the gut to watch Roger Federer get beaten by a worthy fella named Novak. That said, as hard as it was for me to watch Roger go down, I can’t imagine what the TV network and US Open sponsors were feeling. UGGGH.

Anyone who enjoys tennis, big time rivalries, or the sports world in general was pulling for a Federer vs. Nadal final at this year’s US Open. We were all hoping to see something like their Wimbledon match a few years ago.

To add a bucket of water to the whole sha’bang, the finals have now been moved to Monday afternoon due to rain. I can’t imagine the disappointment of the US Open officials, or the big money donors that make it all happen.

There’s Michigan vs Ohio State, Tiger vs. Phil, Cowboys vs. Redskins, Yankees vs. Red Sox, and Roger vs. Nadal. The thing about a tennis rivalry is that the players aren’t guaranteed to face each other, as in most other rivalries. This is what makes it awesome, or in this case… brutal.

Nevertheless, I’m sure some folks will find a way to watch a very entertaining sporting event. Too bad it has no chance of being what it could have been.

If you follow the sport and caught Federer’s press conference, it’s easy to know why he’s so popular. He’s a champion at winning and also a winner in losing.

Good luck Rafa and Novak.

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