Rep. Nikki Haley is Going For It…

It’s Always Fun To Watch Inspired Candidates Run

Last week Rep. Nikki Haley (R-Lexington) announced to the world that she is running for governor of the great state of South Carolina. While rumors were rumbling around Columbia, few expected her to announce so soon.

Nikki joins a growing number of Republican candidates for our states top post. It will be fun to watch her match dollars, strategy and wits with the likes of Andre Bauer, Henry McMaster and Gresham Barrett.

I’m lucky to be able to call Nikki a friend. I met her a few years after she pulled an upset win over a longtime Lexington politician. As I see it, she’s served her constituents well.

Among other proud moments, her staple achievement is her work with transparency in government. Nikki has really concentrated her time, talents and treasures towards insuring that the citizens of our state are able to ‘see’ what’s really happening within state government and the tax dollars involved.

Good luck to Rep. Haley in her candidacy for governor. It’s gonna be one helluva election year in South Carolina.

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