Quick Weekend @ Charleston, SC!

South Carolina Has The Best Beaches! This Trip, We Went Folly.

This weekend we decided to sneak down to Charleston for two nights of the long Labor Day weekend. After all, we weren’t able to take a family vacation this year, and my wife’s birthday was Sunday! Let’s go!

True to habit, we cruised directly to Fleet Landing. Fleet Landing has been a lunch favorite of ours for a while now. It’s a half block from the mainstream foot traffic and provides some killer views. Not to mention, it’s kid friendly.

About an hour later, and a few blocks down from our lunch spot we met John, Amy, and Ben Cartin at the South Carolina Aquarium. The kids loved running around this place, stopping at almost every exhibit instructing the slow poke adults to pick up the pace.

If you’ve never been, the SC Aquarium is a good stop for kids. A few tips to mention: 1) Amy found out the SC Aquarium reciprocates with Columbia’s Riverbank’s Zoo membership. Nice!  2) The air conditioner flat out blows snowballs in this place. Even better!!

This year’s trip to an actual “beach” took us to Folly. Packed.

I was happy to see a large crowd despite the new ban on alcoholic beverages. The lady that took our money to park told us overall business was waaay down due to the new ban. I believe her, but it was slammed Sunday afternoon.

As for the defining moment of the weekend… here goes. Take a look at the second pic above. What you’re looking at is just some of what a jellyfish did to our baby girl. After that thing made out like a poison machine gun on her legs and feet, it pelted my thigh with whatever it had left. Hurt like $#*! I can’t imagine how Finley’s little legs burned. I so wanted to find that bubble headed amoeba and nail him high up on the Folly Beach pier. Anyway, I got my girl to the shore, rubbed sand on her legs and we dealt with it.

Admittedly, for 30 minutes I was a deflated/defeated dad. Think of it. I’ve gone almost four full decades without encountering a jellyfish, and Finley barely went three years. I couldn’t help that it happened, but it still killed this daddy’s heart. As Finley was calming down, Jennifer said her first words were (crying), “Mommy. The beach hurt me.” Holy Moly. Kill me now…

In all, we had a big time. Once again, Charleston was awesome and The Mariott Hotel was not far off from being a mini-resort. Thinking back, we didn’t really ever have to leave the property for food or entertainment. Further, the view was primo as we overlooked The Marina on one side, and The Citadel on the other.

Jellyfish be damned, we can’t wait to get back to Charleston, SC.

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