Quick Selfie @Stellar RE Conference.

pedicabTonight a few members of the team are in beautiful Charleston, SC.  While the pic above may give the illusion we’re here to kick up our feet and enjoy the sights The Holy City, we’re actually here to learn from the best and brightest real estate minds in the country.

Wed. night Elizabeth, Amy, I cruised to Charleston to attend a three day online platform real estate conference.  Now, if you know me, you’re well aware this isn’t my style, as I rarely leave downtown Columbia, SC.  That said, one of the reasons we joined this particular group is to be part of a culture that can make us better Realtors for our clients.  It’s working.

The pic above is the three of us riding in the bucket seat of a pedicab in Charleston.  While this 10 minutes was good fun, most of our hours have been spent in a big room with the best and brightest of our industry.   I’m not quite sure how to completely convey this point, but here goes:  While we may be raising the bar in The Midlands, we’re not squat compared to some of the teams at this conference.   Some of these teams are hard core gangbusters, with monetary budgets and accountability systems that I’ve never even thought about.

This has been an eye opening experience, to be sure.  Am I ready to get home to see my girls?  Oh, yes.  Am I ready to punch the gas a little more at the office.  Oh, yes.

Hopefully a few days away from the office will make us better and more efficient Realtors, of which, our clients will be the biggest winners.


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