Rolling Out New Sign Riders Around Town

Proud To Sponsor The Junior League of Columbia
If you know us, follow this blog, or are aware of what we’re doing (by chance), you may have noticed we have some pretty cool things going on. I’ve been in business for six or seven years now, and in my bias, I’m announcing our best project to date via this blog post.

This week, as you’re traveling around Columbia, hopefully you’ll notice most of our real estate signs now carry a rider that reads, “A portion of this sale is donated to The Junior League of Columbia” along with the JLC logo. I couldn’t be more proud.

For about the last five years, I’ve happily supplied the drinkware for the Junior League’s popular Holiday Market Preview Party and Ladies Night Out. Over time, JLC has transitioned their donors from being specific event sponsors (Holiday Market in my case) to a more all-encompassing, year-long level of support.

While I’m always glad to be a part of The League’s efforts, logistics can make for some challenges. After all, it’s far easier to throw some frosted cups on a credit card than it is to make a year-long commitment from the shallow depths of a micro/small business’ checkbook. Enter an idea I’ve had for a while now.

As of a few weeks ago, The Junior League of Columbia will receive a portion of the proceeds of any real estate transaction that Amanda or I close. Obviously, I didn’t invent the concept (some like to call it “paying it forward”). What we’ve done, however, is applied a great idea and hyper-localized it, making The Junior League of Columbia¬†the beneficiary. Last month we hooked an automatic “JLC Account” to “Team Franklin” at NBSC.

The Junior League of Columbia, in my bias, is the most well-run philanthropic, most-impactful organization in the Midlands. These women, time and again, continue to impress anyone who is paying attention. Whether it’s volunteer hours, leadership, work ethic, or fundraising capability, The Junior League posts top-shelf numbers and effect.

If you know me, you’re aware of my specific relationship with The League. My late wife was a proud member, and my loving wife is an active member, as are most of my friends, including Amanda and Amy. I should also mention that the organization gives an award in my late wife’s memory: The Kinsey Black Jones Award.

This all said, we’re incredibly proud of our new philanthropic partnership with the JLC. As we move through 2012-13, it’s humbling to know that a portion of our volume is fueling one of the premiere charitable organizations in the Midlands.

Most days this job is a¬†fun and fantastic career choice. Every now and then, however, we’re able to find an almost perfect mix of fun and good works, and leverage it with production. Given our new commitment to The Junior League of Columbia, we’ve established the coveted win/win combination.

We’re so proud to be a “League Leader!”

Thank you!


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